10 Steps to Developing a Print Strategy—Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

Most companies have cost-saving strategies in place. Do you?

Cost-saving strategies are vital to maintaining a healthy bottom line. When it comes to office operations, one area where expenses can quickly add up is printing and copying. Developing a comprehensive and effective print strategy, and partnering with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider offers an effective solution by providing copier rentals that help businesses streamline their document management while minimizing costs. Here are 10 steps you can take to find the right copier rental and save money without sacrificing quality through a well-defined print strategy.

1. Assess Your Needs Within Your Print Strategy

The first step in saving money on copier rental without compromising quality is to accurately assess and manage your business’s printing needs. Understanding your volume, physical location, frequency, and types of printing and copying requirements will help you choose the right copier model and plan. Leasing a copier that aligns with your actual needs and within your print strategy prevents overspending on unnecessary features or capacities.

2. Right-Sizing Your Equipment: A Key Element of Your Print Strategy

Choosing the right copier to optimize its size is a crucial component of your print strategy. Oversized copiers often come with higher rental fees and maintenance costs. On the other hand, an undersized copier can lead to delays and inefficiencies in print infrastructure. Conduct a thorough analysis of your expected monthly print volume and select a copier that can handle that workload comfortably. MPS providers can assist in this process, recommending copiers that strike the perfect balance between capacity and cost, in line with your print strategy.

3. Opt for Energy Efficiency

Energy costs contribute significantly to the overall operational expenses of a business. When selecting a copier for rental, consider models that have earned an Energy Star certification. These copiers and printers are designed to consume less energy, helping you save on utility bills while also reducing your carbon footprint, an essential aspect of a sustainable print strategy.

4. Make Service and Maintenance Part of Your Print Strategy

One of the advantages and benefits of leasing a copier through a Managed Print Services provider is that maintenance and service are often included in the rental package. This eliminates the need for separate maintenance contracts, saving you money and simplifying your vendor relationships, a practical element of your print strategy. Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life of the copier but also ensures optimal performance of print devices, reducing downtime due to technical issues.

5. Choose the Right Lease Terms

Leasing terms for print fleets can vary widely, so it’s essential to choose an agreement that aligns with your business goals and print strategy. Longer lease terms might come with lower monthly payments, but they can also lock you into technology that might become outdated. Shorter terms provide flexibility to upgrade to newer printer models as they become available. Carefully evaluate your business’s long-term goals and technological needs within your print strategy before committing to a lease term.

6. Explore Managed Print Services for an Integrated Print Strategy

Opting for Managed Print Services can be a game-changer for businesses seeking to save money on copier rental while maintaining quality and an integrated print strategy. MPS providers offer comprehensive solutions that include copier rentals, maintenance, supplies, security, data protection, and workflow optimization. By outsourcing print management to experts, businesses can reduce administrative burden and allocate resources more efficiently in line with their print strategy.

7. Print Tracking and Optimization

Managed Print Services providers often offer print tracking and optimization tools that help businesses gain insights into their printing habits, integral to a data-driven print strategy. By analyzing usage data from printing devices, you can identify areas where printing can be reduced, helping to cut costs on paper, ink, and energy. Optimization also includes setting up default print settings on devices, such as duplex printing, black and white mode, and draft quality, which can significantly reduce consumable expenses.

8. Implement User Policies to Enhance Your Print Strategy

Educating employees about responsible printing practices can contribute to significant cost savings. Implementing user policies, such as encouraging double-sided printing, using electronic documents when feasible, and minimizing unnecessary color and printing costs for printed material, can help reduce wasteful printing habits. When employees are conscious of their printing choices, it translates into cost savings for the business.

9. Centralize Print Management

In larger organizations, decentralization of print management can lead to inefficiencies and higher costs. By centralizing print management through a Managed Print Services program, you can gain better control over print-related expenses. Centralized management allows for better monitoring of print usage, easier supply management, and the ability to develop and implement consistent cost-saving strategies across all departments.

10. Regularly Review Your Printing Needs to Refine Your Strategy

As your business evolves, your printing needs may change as well. It’s essential to periodically review your copier usage and requirements. Work closely with your Managed Print Services provider to assess whether your current copier rental aligns with your company, current needs and your print strategy. By making adjustments, when necessary, you can ensure that you’re not overspending on features or capacities that are no longer relevant.

In summary…

A well-defined print strategy is essential if your business is aiming to save money on copier rental without compromising quality. By carefully, assessing your needs, right-sizing equipment, focusing on energy efficiency, and exploring Managed Print Services, businesses can create a robust print strategy that maximizes cost savings while ensuring optimal document management. By understanding your lease terms, exploring optimization tools, and implementing user policies, you can further maximize cost savings and productivity. Remember, regular reviews and adjustments will help ensure that your copier rental remains aligned with your evolving business needs. With the right approach and partnership with an Managed Print Services provider, you can achieve optimal efficiency, reduced costs, and quality document management.

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