The 4 Major Reasons Your Business Needs Data Backups

In years past, it wasn’t standard for companies to have data recovery plans. However, this has changed drastically for the modern business landscape. Companies worldwide are expected to have functional backup solutions that work flawlessly when needed.

There are four primary reasons that your company needs a data backup plan in place.

Your Hardware Will Fail

Even with all the technological advancements we’ve seen in computers within the past decade, component failure is still a problem. And when these physical components fail, you experience a considerable amount of downtime.

A power supply failure is a completely separate issue than a dead graphics card. But when your hard drive fails, you experience something much worse than downtime.

You experience data loss that can deeply set your company back, depending on how much critical information the drive held. And with 96% of all business workstations not being backed up, it’s more than likely that you are at high risk of being a data loss statistic yourself.

All hard drives are not created equal. Just like with many other products, there are those that are far more durable – and those that break quickly. In short, it means that if you have an older computer with a low-quality hard drive, you should be prepared for the worst.

You don’t need to run around replacing your hard drives just yet. Having a backup solution in place means that even if your hard drive were to suddenly fail, you could restore the backed up data from it onto a new hard drive quickly and efficiently.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Deletion of Data

People make mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes involve the deletion of data that is critical to the company. And other times, these mistakes aren’t mistakes at all – they’re purposeful acts to destroy company data through malicious actors with access to company data.

It actually happens all the time. In the 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, IBM found that 60% of all attacks were carried out by insiders. Of these attacks, three-quarters involved malicious intent, and one-quarter involved inadvertent actors.

With a data backup solution in place, all deletion scenarios can easily be prevented. With the click of a button, you can restore all deleted data from your systems. Since data backups are typically held in physically secure and redundant data centers, you can rest assured knowing you’re safe even if they deleted all of the local backups.

Ransomware Just Doesn’t Stop

The world has become increasingly aware of the nuisance that is ransomware. Typically, it enters your systems through a download. This download can happen by someone inadvertently opening an email attachment from an unknown source, or even directly downloading it by accident instead of an intended file.

Ransomware is true to its name. It will quickly encrypt all of the files on a local PC and can spread through a network if given enough time. To unlock these files, you’ll need to pay exorbitant amounts of money through untraceable cryptocurrency channels on the internet.

Data backups can also defeat ransomware. They allow you to skip the payment and just revert back to the last known uninfected configuration. It’s important to remember that ransomware can also sneak into your backups, so having an offsite backup is especially critical.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Gain Peace of Mind

Unlike the three other reasons listed previously, peace of mind is a positive outcome from having a data backup in place. Having a backup removes the stress of critical failures happening, and gives you insurance to defend yourself against technological catastrophes.

Having an established data backup solution doesn’t just give you peace of mind. It also gives your investors, employees, and clients a reason to trust you more. According to a report from Forbes Insights and IBM, 46 percent of companies have suffered reputational damage due to a data breach. By showing that you were prepared to bounce back quickly, you can effectively negate the effects of reputational damage from data loss.

Data Backups with Visual Edge IT

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