Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Move to VoIP Technology Solutions

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy and integrating scalable, dynamic and budget-friendly technology solutions —like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) — can help their bottom line. A 2016 Babson College report revealed that 99% of the employers in America come from small businesses. With such a huge impact on the economy, small businesses deserve advanced technology solutions like VoIP. Switching to VoIP will  make their communication system more efficient, and cheaper. Today, only around one-third of the total number of businesses in the U.S. have replaced their traditional telephones with VoIP phones, including many small businesses. So, the question is, what’s stopping you from moving your business to VoIP?

VoIP is one of the most cost-friendly and easily accessible technology solutions. It allows calls to any internet-connected device instead of being restricted to using conventional phone lines. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons you should consider switching your typical telephone system to a VoIP phone.

Reduced Costs

Many small businesses hesitate adopting the latest technology solutions because they simply don’t have the budget. Fortunately, with hosted VoIP technology, the overall cost is considerably low, making it a smart choice for all businesses. Compared to conventional service, VoIP doesn’t put a dent in your budget. It really is an investment in your business and in your customers.

There may be some minimal equipment costs, but with reduced monthly service charges and long-distance bills, you begin to see savings right away. Additionally, your provider should offer a variety of hosted VoIP packages that are both economical and scalable.

Most of the VoIP providers will charge a fixed monthly rate which doesn’t fluctuate based on the number and duration of your call, allowing you to better estimate and manage your expenses. On average, an enterprise business that transitions to VoIP phones can expect a 50% to 75% reduction in costs, compared to small businesses with local calling that can only predict around 40% savings.

Access to Multiple Features

Innovative technology solutions like VoIP phone systems give your business a competitive advantage by allowing you to access advanced features. VoIP technology comes with a lot of built-in functionality which can improve productivity and overall efficiency.

Some of the most prominent and useful of those features on a VoIP solution include:

  • Call forwarding
  • 411 directories
  • Caller ID
  •  Fax
  • Call logs
  • Video conferencing
  • Last number dial, call waiting, etc.

With access to the many features that VoIP Systems offer, many small businesses maintain, and even improve, productivity.

Mobility and Easy Access

With many positions transitioning to remote work, it’s critical that tools are in place to enable success.  However, remote work requires mobility and an online connection, especially for communications. A VoIP phone system offers both of these. Therefore, you can make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection.

With VoIP technology solutions, you don’t need a fixed physical setup to get calls from your employees or customers. The ability to take and use your VoIP phones anywhere there’s an internet connection means more productivity and uninterrupted workflow.

There are even mobile applications designed by the respective VoIP providers that alert small businesses when someone is trying to call their phone line. So, as long as you have a hosted VoIP phone system, you are free to attend and make calls from any device you have and from practically anywhere with a connection.

Added Security and Monitoring

VoIP has been around for a while and has 20 years to improve security. Today, one of the best methods for securing VoIP systems is to encrypt everything. Since the data is transmitted over the internet, encrypting it will help keep critical information secure in the event it’s ever intercepted or finds its way into the wrong hands.   

With VoIP technology, you can set up 24/7 network monitoring, so any unusual phone line activity can be quickly reported and prevented. Additionally, there are regular updates available for the VoIP networks to correct security bugs that can compromise the security of your calls. 

Better Customer Experience

Customers are more likely to take your brand seriously if you have a professional greeting message when answering calls. VoIP technology solutions offer calling features that were previously only available to enterprise customers. 

VoIP also works to improve your customer experiences using other technology solutions including call analytics, automatic call distribution, and missed call texting. Call reports and analytics keep track of missed and received  calls, as well as info on caller’s source information. All of this data can help you better assist your customers in the future.

Using the virtual assistant feature on a hosted VoIP phone system allows you to add important announcements or messages for your customers, set holiday opening hours, or answer frequently asked questions. You can even create dialing menus so that your customers can reach the right department without any difficulty.

It’s safe to say that a VoIP phone system can offer countless benefits irrespective of the size of your business. Pick a suitable VoIP technology solution provider and enjoy better communication at a reduced cost, with multiple features and improved customer experience.


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