5 reasons you need a good firewall

Even if you aren’t storing top-secret military files, or running a multi-million-dollar business, your business still needs to have a firewall. Modern hackers are just getting sneakier and more advanced in their methods. For example, in 2005, there were under 200 major breaches, and in 2017, the number exceeded 1,300.

With so many nefarious people “out there,” it only makes sense that you would take steps to help protect your business. From anti-virus software and proper staff training, there are a wide array of safety measures you can put in place. However, if you don’t have a quality firewall, you may be leaving your business vulnerable to attack.

If you aren’t convinced that you need a firewall, we’ve put together our thoughts about the main benefits that might change your mind.

1. It’s your first line of defense against unauthorized, external users

The firewall you have in place can be thought of as a high-tech shield or barrier between your business network and the rest of the internet. If you don’t have a firewall in place, then external users can easily gain access to your sensitive business assets.

While there are some organizations using a NAT – Network Address Translation – for bridging the internet and external IP addresses, this isn’t going to effectively block any incoming traffic. Only a firewall will be able to do that. If you don’t have a firewall, then your data and assets are at risk.

2. Firewalls provide VPN services

Modern firewalls can provide you with site-to-site connectivity by way of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. With this VPN functionality in place, people using a mobile device or accessing information remotely can securely access the internal resources your business has. This is a feature that can help improve data sharing, collaboration, and productivity.

3. Easily block unapproved websites

While a firewall helps you stop unauthorized users from accessing your network, the firewall will help to keep users from accessing certain, external websites.

For example, you may put a policy in place that doesn’t allow your workers to access any type of social media network, like Instagram, Facebook, and others, from your business network. This helps to safeguard you and your business.

4. Meter bandwidth with your firewall

Did you know that firewalls can do much more than just provide your business with security benefits? It’s true!

You can also use a firewall to help meter and to limit the network bandwidth that is moving through it. For example, with a firewall in place, you can limit the network bandwidth for things such as non-business-related images, music, and videos. Doing this allows you to reserve your bandwidth for something more important – business traffic.

5. Protect your business from malicious code

Some of the stronger firewalls available today can inspect all of the traffic that goes into or out of your network. The firewall can search for and effectively block spam, unwanted internet traffic, ransomware, worms, and viruses.

The firewall can also log any intrusion attempts, in addition to other violations to your business policies. This lets you know what is going on at all times and any potential threats that may be “out there.”

The bottom line

As you can see, having a quality firewall in place is a smart investment. If you need more information or have questions about the use of a firewall, be sure to reach out to the professionals. You can also learn more about managed IT services and how they can provide the firewall solutions you need.