At our Indianapolis headquarters and around the country, Visual Edge IT, a managed IT solutions provider of Visual Edge Technology, provides local IT solutions to businesses across America. Our experience spans more than two decades of providing day-to-day IT support, cybersecurity protection, cloud solutions and migration services, and business continuity services. We have engineering and tech experts nationwide to meet all of our clients’ Information Technology needs.

Our network of trusted local providers helps companies from coast-to-coast manage their IT infrastructure and provide end-to-end solutions that incorporate

  • cloud computing,
  • PC/Mac support,
  • server and network monitoring,
  • managed security services, and
  • business optimization software.

Our flexible approach—along with our complete dedication to our customers—allows our clients to focus on their core business processes while getting the most return on their IT investment.


Visual Edge IT’s mission is to provide top-notch Information Technology Services with a commitment to best value and expertise. We guarantee our clients will receive personalized IT services to help them accomplish their day-to-day business needs and goals.


Whether you are looking for managed IT services or cloud computing solutions, Visual Edge IT provides managed IT solutions to SMB’s and verticals such as healthcare, education, not-for-profit and financial. We give clients the tools to measure their growth so that they can manage their businesses more effectively.

Let’s Get Started


Professional work with local collaboration

Prior to any work, we take the time to meet you and understand your needs. During this meeting, our expert IT engineers assess the challenges you face as well as the scope of your IT needs.

With the knowledge gained from the assessment phase, we craft a plan for your success. Using your input, we create a technological roadmap that details the logistics of each IT solution, and how the implementation benefits your business and its growth.

Upon approval of the completed roadmap, we design a specific plan of action for your project. We also take the time here to establish escalation points within your business for structure and order. This allows for increased workflow efficiency.


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