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The following are several of the most frequently asked questions we receive about joining Visual Edge. If you need to know something not covered here, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to address your inquiry.


The first step in acquisition can take several weeks, depending on the schedules of those involved. Once an agreement of intent has been created and due diligence is completed, it usually takes about 60 days to finish the sale.

The value of a business depends on many factors, the most important of which is profitability. Click here to read more about our valuation process.

For the most part, we work with entrepreneurs who plan to remain in a leadership role once the acquisition is complete. Ideally, we prefer a three-to-five-year transition period. We are more flexible with satellite acquisitions and the time period of transition can be fewer than three years. Not all retirement acquisitions are right for Visual Edge, but we are happy to learn more about your situation.

Contact us by phone or send us an email to discuss the specific details of the sale of your business.

Once a Letter of Intent is signed, we recommend you inform everyone who will be affected. This allows them to interact with our due diligence team in the most efficient manner possible. If you’d like, we can assist with the announcement.

Initially, only the owner(s), but eventually, we might work with your controller, CFO, or external CPA for help during the initial investigation.


Visual Edge does not purchase any buildings, but when appropriate, we lease the facility at market rates, for a reasonable term.


Visual Edge provides a variety of benefits to our employees including health insurance, a dental plan, supplemental life insurance, 401(k), Section 125 flexible spending account, and many others.

No. When we purchase a company, current employees are grandfathered into our programs.


Core and Satellite describe a company’s role in Visual Edge’s organization. Click here to learn more about our Acquisition Strategy and determine which type of company you have.

Visual Edge is a decentralized operation and as such, needs strong leaders with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and we rely on existing teams to uphold industry standards.

Your salary will depend on your role and the size of the company, relative to other executives, and their company sizes, at Visual Edge. Our playing field is level and your company’s performance will impact your total compensation.

Each company’s management is responsible for determining the appropriate compensation for employees, with guidance from Visual Edge.

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