Indiana is located in the Midwest of the United States and is one of the eight states that comprise the Great Lakes Region. As a state, it is the 38th and 17th most populous of the 50 United States by area. On May 7th, 1800 the United States Congress passed a law dividing the Northwest Territory into two territories and declaring the western part of Indiana territory.

With a total area of 36,418 square miles (94,320 km2) on land and water, Indiana ranks 38th in terms of size. Indiana is home to the Benedictine Archabbey of St. Meinrad, one of only two Catholic abbeys in the United States and one of eleven worldwide. Indiana State University was founded in 1865 as a public charter school, and Purdue University was founded in 1869 as a state grant college. 

Rainfall ranges from 4 inches (89 cm) near Lake Michigan in northwestern Indiana to 4 inches (110 cm) along the Ohio River south, while the national average is 4 inches (100 cm). If you are interested in arts, architecture, history or science, you have reached Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, a nationwide network of museums with 12 locations across the state. 

I think one of the things people are not aware of is that we have over 3,700 students. We have an Indiana University campus in Richmond, and students can earn degrees from Indiana University in their area. We also have other aspects of our campus, both online and offline, and they serve about half of our students.