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For the second year in a row, Among the 91,065 residents of Carmel, Indiana’s suburb community outside Indianapolis was named the best place in the United States to live. 

The main shopping streets are Main Street which runs from east to west through the art and design district of Carmel, and Carmel Drive which runs from east to west, and City Center Drive that runs from east to west.  

Life-size sculptures by John Seward Johnson II adorn the streets of the Carmel Art & Design District in downtown. The Carmel Arts and Design District, DESIGNED TO PROMOTE SMALL BUSINESSES AND LOCAL ARTISANS, is situated in Old Carmel, flanked by Carmel High School to the east and Monon Greenway to the WEST, WITH THE STATED GOAL OF CELEBRATING creativity, craftsmanship and miniature arts forms. [24] The district includes the Carmel Clay Public Library, the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau Welcome Center, a collection of galleries, boutiques, interior designers, cafes and restaurants. Carmel covers a population of 10,168 people. [6] Carmel covers 12.0 square kilometers of Clay Township in Hamilton County, Indiana, bound to the east by the White River, to the west by the Hamilton-Boone County Line, to the south by 96th Street and to the north by 146th Street.    Show Source Texts

The Carmel Youth Assistance Program (CYAP) works with the Carmel Clay School District, the City of Carmel and Hamilton County Superior Court. Carmel is a suburb in Indiana, just outside Indianapolis. The 91,065 residents of Carmel, Indiana, have reason to celebrate today.  

In addition to events such as the Park Extension and the Monon Trail, Carmel appreciates the convenience to live, work and play in the city for people. “We’ve had some tough discussions with the community of Clay Township, whether it’s the school system in the area or any part of the city,” Brainard said. 

Carmel HAS MORE THAN 125 ROUNDABOUTS, MORE THAN ANY OTHER CITY IN THE UNITED STATES. These festivals and special events help to strengthen the pride of the community and boost tourism in the town of Carmel. The mayors of cities across the country gather for an entertaining evening that begins in the center and ends ON MAIN STREET WITH SEVERAL CARMEL RESIDENTS. 

Students in grades 9-12 who live and attend school in Carmel and submit their concepts to Carmel-Clay Public Library by December 15. The ratio between registered sex offenders and residents of Carmel, Indiana, is below the federal average. According to our research in Indiana and other states, there is a list of 11 registered sex offenders living in the city as of October 1, 2021. 

On November 4, 1965, a Category F4 tornado, 14.4 miles north of downtown, killed 28 people, injured 123 people and caused $5 million to $50 million in damage.  

New pharmacist Lauren Finn, from Carmel, was one of 88 pharmacy doctoral students at the University of Iowa who took the oath of apothecary and were accepted into the profession by the college during the annual White Coat Ceremony