Your BDR Plan Is More Than Just Your Backup (It’s Your Lifeline)

BDR stands for backup and disaster recovery. As the name implies, it’s a plan crafted by businesses to recover their operations in the event of a catastrophic disaster. Not all disasters are created equal. Most people tend to equate disasters with tidal waves, hurricanes, furious fires, and earthquakes – basically, all kinds of natural disasters. However, there are many more likely threats that can bring your organization to its knees.


Viruses and malware (specifically ransomware) have proven time and time again to be extremely dangerous. Ransomware attacks caused 22% of infected small and medium-sized organizations to cease business operations immediately.

Once ransomware takes hold of your files and folders, it will systematically lock and encrypt each individual piece of data.

There are only two ways to recover your information. You can pay the data ransom, possibly costing thousands of dollars and offering no guarantee of data retrieval. Or, you can recover most if not all of your files quickly from a data backup.

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