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How the Cloud Works and Paths SMBs Take

On the timeline of technology, the cloud is one of the most intricate blends of ingenuity to date. And in the US, 78% of SMBs will have strategically adopted cloud computing as their IT infrastructure by year-end 2020.
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What Cloud Services Deliver to SMBs

Visual Edge IT knows “cloud.” In business terms, the cloud is the foundation for everything an SMB or enterprise requires to do business. Internet access, measured service, on-demand functionality and rapid elasticity.
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Modern Workplace Trends in 2020 Affect Technology Decisions

In the context of business and modern workplace trends, neither one is new. But for the remainder of 2020 and beyond, remote workers supported via the cloud are increasingly impacting the technology decisions.
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Keys to Preventing Data Theft

When the issue for businesses is preventing data theft, data breaches aren’t only targeted to companies like Walgreens and T-Mobile. Yet according to research conducted in 2019, nearly 50% of all online cyberattacks are aimed at small business.
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Technology is essential to the future of remote working 

The growth of remote working has catapulted since the threat of a global pandemic began earlier this year. Businesses can support their remote staff by supplying the right tools to help them be productive.
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Planning for a smooth (and productive) cloud migration

There are a number of benefits for SMBs to move to the cloud, such as reduced costs (and reduced hardware maintenance), flexibility for your business operations, and improved data security and disaster recovery options.
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Why Choose Managed IT Services?

Outsourcing the running of your day-to-day IT management responsibilities to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can be a great strategic method for improving operations and reducing your IT costs overall.
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VoIP Technology: the great communication experiences your customers expect

If you are an SMB (Small and Midsize Business), you may have considered VoIP technology as a way of saving money on your company phone expenses.
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Staying Calm in Times of Crisis

We’ve all been through challenging times personally and professionally, and in our heads and hearts, we know that “this too shall pass”. Your businesses' success is dependent on security of your data.