Data backup trends starting with a man circling the word "backup"

The Top 2018 Data Backup Trends (And Why They Matter)

These are some of the newest data backup trends gaining ground in 2018 — and what they mean for your business.
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The 3-2-1 Backup Rule (and Other Backup Best Practices)

If you’re already engaging in a backup strategy, kudos to you — but you should ensure that you’re following backup best practices, too.
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The Complete Guide to Data Backup for SMBs

We’ve put together a complete guide for data backup for SMBs. No need to hunt down information from across the wide Internet plains.
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The Top Benefits of Cloud Backup

Modern cloud backup solutions offer businesses a much more streamlined, effective, and cost-efficient way to save their data in the event of a disaster.
Sign showing ransomware to signify ransomware defense.

Are Data Backups Important in Ransomware Defense?

Here’s the question: Are data backups a key component of the defense against ransomware? Read our latest article to reveal the truth.
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What Should Your Business Be Backing Up?

Although you may not think about it on a day-to-day basis, but if you were to lose your data today, how would that impact your business?
Computer illustration with a quick RTO.

How RTO and RPO Shape Your Backup Strategy

If you are unfamiliar with RTO and RPO, it is imperative that you take proactive action to ensure your company survives disaster.
Data backup strategy creation by a woman.

5 Important Questions to Ask When Planning a Data Backup Strategy

A data backup strategy is vital. But before you implement one, there are several important questions you must ask.
Managed Services future depicted by a robot hand.

The Future of Managed Services

What does the future of managed services hold for you? We’ve looked at predictions, and we’re pretty sure we’ve got it figured out.
Managed Services are here to stay, thanks to this lady on a laptop.

Why Managed Services Are Here to Stay

Businesses need profitability year after year. But they need reduced expenses. That’s where managed services comes in.