Building an Effective IT Compliance Program

Check out these guidelines for building an effective IT Compliance program to ensure that internal policies and procedures, federal and state laws, regulations, and industry and ethical standards are managed and maintained.

IT Compliance Programs are not a “one-size-fits-all” approach because technology is different for every company. For programs to be effective, they need to be detailed, well-planned and supported by the entire management team. Investing in an IT Compliance Program through a managed IT provider can save you time and money.

Any online search about compliance plans will generate the basic elements required for developing an effective compliance program. You can apply these elements to an overall program, or focus them on areas such as HR, IT, Legal, and even social media.

There are at least seven basic elements included in an effective compliance program, and you can categorize them into three purposes:


  1. Written policies and procedures
  2. Compliance team
  3. Education and training


  1. Communication channels
  2. Internal monitoring and auditing system

Corrective Action

  1. Enforcement and discipline guidelines
  2. Corrective action plan

Visual Edge IT can help create and manage your IT Compliance Program by staying on top of industry mandates and governmental regulations that apply to your organization and by providing regular security audits that alert you of security issues.  Start by downloading the IT Compliance Checklist.