Cybersecurity 101

Cybersecurity 101: End of the Year Tips for Enhancing Cybersecurity

At Visual Edge IT, we are dedicated to keeping your critical infrastructure secure all year long. Check out these end of the year cybersecurity tips as you plan for 2021.
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Cloud Migration Services Made Easy: Operational Considerations

Cloud migration services. A checklist of operational considerations. Visual Edge IT gives your business the best path to the cloud.
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Cloud Migration Services Made Easy: Strategic Business Considerations

Effective cloud migration services start with a checklist. The first one should be strategic business considerations.
Cybersecurity 101

Cybersecurity 101: More Tips for Keeping Your SMB Secure

Last month was cybersecurity awareness month. At Visual Edge IT, we are dedicated to keeping your critical infrastructure secure all year long.
Business continuity in the cloud

Business Continuity in the Cloud

A plan for business continuity in the cloud is necessary to avoid unexpected situations. Visual Edge IT can help.
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Ensuring Data Security in Cloud Computing: Four Safeguards

Data security in cloud computing? It matters more than ever. Visual Edge IT helps your business keep its data safe.
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Choosing a Cloud Service Provider: What to Consider

Small businesses in the US are adopting the cloud in droves. By the numbers, nearly 80% of such businesses are projected to be using cloud services by the end of 2020.
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How the Cloud Works and Paths SMBs Take

On the timeline of technology, the cloud is one of the most intricate blends of ingenuity to date. And in the US, 78% of SMBs will have strategically adopted cloud computing as their IT infrastructure by year-end 2020.
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What Cloud Services Deliver to SMBs

Visual Edge IT knows “cloud.” In business terms, the cloud is the foundation for everything an SMB or enterprise requires to do business. Internet access, measured service, on-demand functionality and rapid elasticity.
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Planning for a smooth (and productive) cloud migration

There are a number of benefits for SMBs to move to the cloud, such as reduced costs (and reduced hardware maintenance), flexibility for your business operations, and improved data security and disaster recovery options.