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Modern Workplace Trends in 2020 Affect Technology Decisions

In the context of business and modern workplace trends, neither one is new. But for the remainder of 2020 and beyond, remote workers supported via the cloud are increasingly impacting the technology decisions.
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Keys to Preventing Data Theft

When the issue for businesses is preventing data theft, data breaches aren’t only targeted to companies like Walgreens and T-Mobile. Yet according to research conducted in 2019, nearly 50% of all online cyberattacks are aimed at small business.
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How to Create Policies to Enable a Secure Remote Workforce

We’ve all been told that if you’re sick, you should stay home. With flu season in full swing, your clients may be asking about how to enable their employees to work from home
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Securing Your Remote Workforce in Time of Emergency

Remote work has been gaining popularity across businesses of all sizes. It provides flexibility to colleagues and opens up companies to a workforce without limits to city, state, or even country. While the ability to work remote offers convenience for staff...