Did you know that Chester Carlson invented the first copy machine in the year 1938?

While the copier didn’t get into the market until 20 years later, it has become the most revolutionary office equipment. Today, copy machines are present in almost every single office despite the hype around paperless offices.

We all need photocopy machines. Even so, everyone who has used a copier knows that these machines can frustrate and cause panic in the office whenever they break down. Understanding the common copier problems and their solutions is vital.

The good news is that copy machine repair can be a DIY undertaking. Modern printers and copiers continue to adapt to innovative technology, which will likely transform how this equipment functions. With these developments, knowing how to fix a copy machine can make your life easier.

Here’re the common photocopy machine problems and solutions.



Anyone who has used a copy machine understands this problem too well. Paper jams are the most common copy machine concerns you’re likely to encounter. Luckily, this problem is the easiest to tackle.

The causes of paper jams on your copier may vary. One of the most common reasons for paper jams is the use of wrong paper sizes. You may also land in trouble in case you don’t load the papers correctly.

Are you wondering what copy machine repair options you should consider in case of paper jams? You need to remove the paper manually from the copier to address any misalignment issues. This will likely solve the problem.

Paper jams may also be due to the accumulation of paper dust. Such paper dust may build up over time resulting in clogs along the paper feeder. It would help to wipe out the dust inside the machine periodically to minimize the accumulation of paper dust.


Toner problems can be vexing when they occur right in the middle of a big project. Nothing is more exasperating than the blurring smears and streaks caused by a defective toner. Other toner problems include fading, which happens when the cartridge is low on toner.

You know there’s something wrong with the toner when the copier begins to print-out blank papers. There could be a wide range of reasons that might lead to toner problems. The most common is incompatibility.

Most people don’t understand the difference between toner and ink. Toners work best in laser printers, while the ink is most common on inkjet printers. You can read this article to learn more about using toners in a printer if you want to understand the aspect of compatibility.

The easiest way to keep your toners in perfect condition is to avoid direct sunlight by keeping them at room temperature. Further, always avoid opening up the toner cartridge at all costs. It would also help to use toner cartridges within one year of purchase.

If such toner issues persist, you might need to call in our Visual Edge copy machine repair experts to help you deal with the error.


This is the other common problem with copiers. When you copy a piece of paper with pure text or images, you expect to get flawless outcomes with the least deformities if any. However, it is common to end up with streaks, lines, and other disfigurements when using copiers.

The appearance of lines on your copied paper could be due to varying factors. But these streaks make a document to look unprofessional and untidy. Finding a solution for such lines on your document might require photocopier troubleshooting from a professional.

Most times, foreign substances on the scanner glass could be the leading cause of such lines. In other instances, drum or developer unit failures could also lead to such disfigurements. Our copy machine repair professionals at Visual Eagle can help you assess the drum blade for any malfunctions.

In case the problem is with the fusers, you might need to consider a replacement. Most of the issues related to drum-blades, drums, and fusers require expert intervention. Don’t hesitate to call in our staff if you notice deformities on your copied papers.


While lines and streaks are dominantly visible on your pages, dots can either be sparsely observable or annoyingly dense in most parts of your paper. When you spot such dots on your pages more than once, this could signal copy machine problems. Don’t let these annoying spots ruin an otherwise perfect document.

The most basic reason for such spots and dots on your pages could be smudges or debris on the copy mirror. Your first instinct should be to clean off the glass and the mirrors to remove debris. Most multi-function printers develop this problem over time.

While proper maintenance can help you solve the problem, you might need to call in an expert if it persists. You should consider specific factors when choosing a qualified printer technician to deal with the issue. Most chronic cases of spotting on your document are due to defects in the drum, which require intricate repair or replacement procedures.


Most of the cases of overheating involving printers are due to cramped up offices. When the copier isn’t able to release the warm air inherent when making copies, it ends up overheating.

The easiest way to deal with overheating is to move your copier to a less crowded space. You also need to ensure adequate air- conditioning for your copier.

Modern multi-function copiers have LED panels that provide a warning when the equipment is overheating. 3.8 percent of all commercial building fires in 2019 was due to such equipment malfunctions. You might need to pay attention to such cautionary messages to minimize the risk of property damages.

Dealing with overheating may not require expert intervention. Part of the reason for your copier’s overheating could also be due to overworking. You might need to limit your photocopier to manageable print-outs if you want to keep the equipment at the right temperature.

It would help to keep your office as decongested as possible to keep your copiers within safe temperatures. Further, avoid overworking your copier even when under pressure to accomplish urgent tasks.


Your copied documents in the office are often for official business purposes. Ensuring quality when reproducing such papers is critical. Sometimes, though, you’ll notice an apparent saturation of images.

When your copier shows excessive lightness or darkness in prints, it does affect the general quality of the photocopied documents. Most times, this issue is due to an imbalance in the density controls of your copier. This can be a real problem if you often copy documents with images especially in this age of color printing.

Problems with the undersaturation of images might require expert interventions. The apparent imbalance in the lightness and darkness may necessitate the resetting of the density levels. Once you set the density controls back to factory settings, you’ll likely witness significant improvements in your copied images.

If the problem persists despite resetting the controls, your next stop should be with the copier’s drums. In case the drums have reached their expiration, then you might need to consider a replacement. A technician can help you assess the density controls and the drums for any underlying malfunctions.


Wrinkled copied papers can dent your credibility in front of your superiors or customers. This is among the recurrent copy machine faults you must deal with. If you’re wondering how to fix a copy machine that’s been churning out wrinkled copied papers, worry no more.

Your copier could be printing out wrinkled and crumpled papers due to problems with the feeder rollers. If the rollers have an accumulation of dirt and debris, you might need to clean them using denatured alcohol. Cleaning the rollers can enhance the regular rolling out of your printed papers.

The other likely cause for crooked papers is the possibility of a misconfigured cartridge causing misalignment in the printer. For both cases, it would help to consider the help of our team of copy machine repair experts. This is necessary, especially where there might be a need to open up the copier.

If the problem persists your copier’s printing device may then need driver reinstallation to deal with the network issues. Dealing with such cases of wrinkled paper early enough can save you from the embarrassment of appearing incompetent when presenting reports and other documents.


Copiers are the lifeline in most offices with frequent printouts. While this equipment is highly useful, it’s also highly susceptible to malfunctions. Your first responsibility is to buy high-quality printers from us at Visual Edge technologies given our record in delivering high-quality printers.

When either of these problems emerges, you might utilize the knowledge you have about printers to undertake temporary repairs. However, in case of intricate issues requiring technical input, it would be best to call in our copy machine repair experts at Visual Edge Florida..

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