Digital Transformation with Cloud Printing Services

The rise of cloud computing services has been a game changer. Having the ability to print from any of your network devices, on-demand capacity and low-cost storage are prompting organizations of all sizes to move to the cloud.

And the growth continues. Gartner predicts there will be a continued 18% growth of cloud computing in 2021.

Just like any other department, printing operations are looking to the cloud to improve efficiency.

Today, most cloud print service offerings cover a range of cloud options to address the various needs of customers as they transition from an on-premise to a cloud model.

It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to adapt to a new model with a digital transformation. And they had to do it very quickly to keep their businesses going during trying times.

But it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Not so long ago many businesses relied mainly on in-house teams and on-premise infrastructure where printing was done with connecting cables. Connectivity issues and software printer driver problems were common. And, managing a fleet of printers was not only costly for the company, but time-consuming for staff.

What is Cloud Printing?

Cloud-based printing replaces older technologies that relied on wired connections. With cloud printing, users can connect to printers using any device that is connected to the network, whether it is a laptop, phone or tablet.

Better yet, because the service operates in the cloud, there is no special software needed to print documents on the network printers.

With a network device, your staff can use the company printers from any location with their device connected to the network.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Printing

Reduced Costs – Cloud-managed printers don’t require additional hardware or expensive infrastructure and also provide greater oversight of the entire company’s printing operations.

Automatic Software Updates – Using cloud-based printing lowers the cost of administration, as the remote host will push the necessary software updates automatically onto all devices.

Extra Convenience – Cloud printing allows staff to print from their own devices, helping them remain productive even when they are away from their desks

Less Burden to IT – Because the cloud print infrastructure is managed by a third-party, IT departments can focus on important work to move the company forward.

Scalability – Cloud printing services can adapt quickly to any emerging needs of the company and can implement changes on a global basis or narrower subset of users.

Ease of Use – Cloud printing services are easy to launch and don’t require additional infrastructure to work. They also allow the company to build redundancies into their print operations and reduce the reliance on physical resources.

On-Premise versus Cloud-Based Printing Solutions

Every company is different and will have their own operational requirements as they investigate whether to use on-premise printing or cloud-based management solutions.

In the past, it simply was too expensive for some companies to invest in additional hardware and infrastructure.  But now with the cost-effectiveness of cloud-based printing solutions, more companies can jump in and use this technology.

Whether a company needs cloud printing services, leasing office equipment or Implementing a comprehensive managed services solution, Visual Edge Print and our teams of professionals will help develop an Integrated print management solution. Find a location near you to get started.