Effective Communication and Collaboration Strategies

Having the right communication and collaboration strategies and tools in place is now more important for a company’s success than it ever has been. Today’s work environment has a completely different look than it did a few years ago. Employees are working from home. Instead of gathering around a conference room table or a water cooler, we’re behind a computer on a video call or collaborating on a digital whiteboard. Working from the office five days a week may never be the same again.

A Slack-sponsored study by the market research firm GlobalWebIndex found that 72% of workers prefer a hybrid working environment that combines the home and the office. What does this mean for companies? It means that they may need to rethink and reevaluate how they communicate to drive more effective collaboration among teams. We’ve created a checklist you can use to make sure your teams communicate and collaborate effectively no matter how spread out they might be.

This checklist identifies the most important items you need to consider when building and designing your communication and collaboration plans for your organization’s future success. You can download the checklist here.