Improve Communication and Save Money with VoIP Cloud Solution

If your business has an internet connection, you may want to consider switching your phone system from the traditional analog service to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) cloud solution. VoIP technology transmits voice and telephone data over the Internet it only needs an internet connection to make and receive calls. While traditional analog systems rely on copper wiring and support only voice, VoIP supports voice, video, and any form of multimedia because it’s sent over the internet.

A 2018 Blueface market research report states that 35% of businesses use VoIP, and another 25% have plans to switch to a VoIP system. Small and medium-sized businesses find that VoIP gives them cost savings, the ability to scale based on demand, and features that improve communication and productivity.

How can a VoIP cloud solution save time and money?

Cost savings is one of the biggest advantages of switching to a VoIP cloud solution, for small and midsize businesses. With a VoIP system, you’ll save money with:

  • cost-effective hardware
  • free software upgrades
  • less maintenance
  • free long distance

The lines you use for the internet are the same lines you use for VoIP services, so there’s no need to install extra equipment or cabling. VoIP also allows you to bundle your office phones, mobile and data services together. Updates are simple, managed through the software, and provide the most current technology and security available to your business, employees, and customers.

VoIP cloud solutions are ideal for small businesses because installation and maintenance can be managed either by internal staff or by your IT managed services provider.

What are the benefits of using a VoIP system?

In addition to cost savings, advanced features such as an automated attendant, call recording, call screening, device transfer, CRM integration, conference bridge, and video conferencing, help individuals and teams manage and record important information with a click of a button. VoIP technology allows customer calls to be automatically routed to the correct departments and provides call analytics, helping improve call quality and customer interactions. Additionally, if there’s an internet connection, remote phones will work anywhere, giving your workforce flexibility for where they work.

What should I consider before deciding on a VoIP cloud solution?

It’s clear that there are advantages to using a VoIP system for your small or midsize business, but it’s important to evaluate your phone system needs. Ask your provider…

  • Do we have enough bandwidth to support a VoIP system?
  • Based on our business setup, should we opt for an onsite, cloud-based or hosted VoIP system? Or a hybrid of those?
  • What features are best to accommodate our current and future needs?

Visual Edge IT can evaluate your current phone system requirements, network capabilities to see if your organization would benefit by switching to a VoIP cloud solution. We’ve helped companies throughout North America establish a VoIP system that saves them money and helps accomplish their business goals and objectives.

Provide your customers with a better experience, improve communications and technology throughout your organization, and save money with a VoIP cloud solution.