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In-House Printing or Outsourcing?

It’s a common problem for businesses: should they send their materials out to be printed or do it in-house printing?

There are some benefits to keeping the majority of your printing in-house that are hard to pass up, especially when considering materials needed frequently like marketing flyers, proposals, and business cards.

Modern technology has brought about some significant changes to what used to be thought of as “just a printer.”  In fact, many multi-functional printers today have print solutions that used to be found only in professional print shops.

There are some really good reasons to consider insourcing your printing and investing in a high-end multi-functional printer.

Faster turnaround time

When you are using an outside printer, there is always the need to plan far ahead and ensure that your deadlines are compatible with the printer’s schedule. Even then, you have very little control over the production of your job.  The printer may be running behind due to other jobs they have taken on. Or they may make mistakes that can cause delays in your project.

However, when you use your own in-house printing machine, you can ensure that your deadlines are met. Depending on the size of the job and the requirements, you might be able to do the entire job in one day.

Better yet, if you find an error in the document, you can simply reprint quickly rather than starting the whole outsourcing cycle again.  Or, if you find you underestimated how many copies you need, you can quickly print a few more when using an in-house printing operation.

Better for the environment

According to ZDNet business technology news, the average customer at an outside print shop orders about 20 percent more than they actually will need. Why?  Most often it’s because they want to bring the cost per piece down or they want to make sure they have enough copies in case more are needed.

Unfortunately, the result is that a great deal of this printed material is thrown out or recycled.

Using in-house printing capabilities, businesses can print exactly what they need at a fixed cost per piece. And, when printing in-house, the count is usually far more accurate, as businesses can always print a few more if truly needed.

Reduced costs

Printing materials in-house will help businesses avoid costly mark-up costs that can result in significant costs over time.  Outside printers will also add additional charges if any changes are needed, especially after the printing has begun.  By using your own in-house multifunctional printer, your organization can quickly make any necessary changes without additional cost.

Minimizing security risks

If the material your business is printing has confidential information or customer data, printing in-house will provide peace of mind.

Many companies today offer printers with data security and theft prevention measures. These machines ensure that your job will not be stolen or tampered with, giving you the ability to put your focus on more pressing matters going on within your business.

Is outsourcing ever a better choice?

It’s always important to look at the time and the resources it may take to get a job done.  And in some cases, outsourcing may make the most sense for some larger or more complicated projects.

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