Know When to Say YES to Managed IT Services

For many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), managing IT can become difficult without the necessary skills and resources needed to maintain systems, hardware, and security effectively. Also, SMBs have seen more disruptions and challenges from increased cyber-attacks and remote workers.

Trying to manage computers, email accounts, printers, and phones while installing security patches and troubleshooting technical issues can become overwhelming if there are not enough people with the right skills on the IT team.

Partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) allows business owners and leaders to focus on core business strategy instead of devoting precious bandwidth to resolving IT issues. Additionally, most MSPs offer a comprehensive selection of services, meaning problems are managed and resolved quickly. This is extremely important — especially when companies need to address security issues.

The bottom line is: outsourcing IT services provides SMBs with enterprise-level support that pushes companies forward. So, when is the right time to speak with a Managed IT Services Provider about leveling up your IT services and support?

When the IT Team is Overcommitted or Can’t Solve Issues

There are times which require additional personnel or higher skill levels, such as upgrading current systems or implementing new systems. Hiring staff full-time doesn’t make sense and can be expensive for a short-term project. A blog post on Fortunly claims that 46% of companies are able to find higher-level skill sets when outsourcing projects. In addition, Managed IT Service Providers are able to scale resources up and down (depending on the project and skill level required), so they are better prepared for quick reactions and issue resolution.

When Security Concerns Keep You Awake

Security should be a top business concern because it can be extremely costly if your system is compromised. To avoid expensive security threats and to better prevent malware from infiltrating your systems, it’s critical to update older software and hardware t and to protect unsecured hardware (such as printers), as well as other vulnerable entry points. MSPs backup data while also continuously monitoring servers and systems so you can sleep just a little bit better at night.

When Looking to Save Money & Improve Performance

Companies are always looking for ways to cut unnecessary costs and keep more dollars in their wallet. In fact, statistics show that 45% of companies outsource projects to save money. Outsourcing IT can significantly reduce downtime while also increasing reliability on technical issues and preventing technical interruptions. Outsourcing also provides periodic maintenance and backups keeping systems safe and running efficiently.

When Projects are Under a Time Crunch

If you’re under the gun to complete a project within a certain period of time, utilizing the resources of an MSP can significantly help meet deadlines. With the ability to scale, Managed IT Service Providers can meet almost any deadline.

When Company Strategic Goals are Lagging

When IT issues start involving more time and input from senior leadership, it’s time to reevaluate resources. Pulling in an MSP means that management can refocus their attention on developing and building the core business.

Selecting an MSP

Once you decide to outsource, it’s essential to choose the right MSP for your company. Use this criteria checklist when selecting a Managed Service Provider.


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