Lodi, California

Things to Do in Lodi, California

If you’re visiting Lodi, California, there are many exciting things to do! From wine tasting to outdoor recreation, this destination offers something for everyone. There are also plenty of museums, historical sites and parks to check out.

The World of Wonders Science Museum is a popular place to visit with children and adults alike. This museum features interactive displays and programs that will keep your kids engaged and entertained. You can even get them involved in activities like arts and crafts, or a trip to the playground!

Another fun activity you can do with your family is to go swimming in the beautiful Lodi Lake. It has a large sandy beach area and plenty of lifeguards on duty to ensure you have a safe time.

Located on School Street, the historic downtown of Lodi has been beautifully restored in the past 20 years and features a variety of quaint card shops, boutique clothing stores, and old-fashioned delis. A walk around School Street is a great way to get a sense of this charming town and find some unique souvenirs for your family members.

Take a Tour of the Historic Homes in Lodi

The Victorian house museum is one of the most interesting places to visit in Lodi. This building is a beautiful blend of both historical and modern architecture, and it gives you a fascinating look into the lives of the residents of this city over the last century.

You can also stroll through the neighborhood and admire all of the old houses. Unlike many museums, this one has all of the original furniture and decor intact, so you can really feel like you’re walking through the history of Lodi.

A Visit to a Local Brewery is Always a Good Idea

If you love drinking beer, there are a few places in Lodi that will be sure to please your palate. The Dancing Fox Winery & Brewery is a good choice for a romantic evening with your partner. The place features a variety of wines and has received a lot of awards in recent years.

Watch Sandhill Cranes in Woodbridge Ecological Reserve

If your interest is wildlife, you can make a trip to this reserve and watch the migrating sandhill cranes as they migrate from their nesting grounds in Siberia to their fall and winter homes in Lodi. You can also see other animals, such as Canada geese, snow geese, and tundra swans that are part of the refuge’s ecosystem.

Play a Game of Pool at Stadium Sports Bar

If you enjoy playing pool, you can’t go wrong at this charming sports bar! It’s a perfect place to hang out with friends, and it’s known for its friendly staff and patrons. They have a nice jukebox and dance floor so you can put on your favorite songs and have some fun.

Have a Delicious Meal with Your Favorite Wine at a Local Restaurant

If you’re visiting Lodi, CA, and want to indulge in some great food, there are plenty of restaurants that will suit your tastes! You can go for a meal at Tower Park Waterfront Grille, enjoy a comfort meal at Moo Moo’s Burger Barn, or try out one of the local restaurants that specialize in a particular type of cuisine.