Stockton CA

Things to Do in Stockton California

Stockton is a city that is brimming with things to do. From museums to theaters, parks and the marina, there’s something for everyone here. But the best part is that the city is located within a few hours’ drive of several other fun California attractions, including San Francisco and Napa Valley.

Go for a Game of Baseball

If you are a fan of sports, one of the best things to do in Stockton is watch a Stockton Kings game at Banner Island Ballpark. This stadium is situated in the center of the city and is a major attraction for sports fans, who can get tickets from the ticketing office.

You can also visit this stadium for major concerts and other events. Moreover, you can enjoy great food and drinks at the arena’s bar.

Visit the Haggin Museum

The Haggin Museum is an excellent place for art and history lovers. It features a 19th-century art collection and displays artwork by prominent historical figures from the region. You can also enjoy traveling exhibits that feature popular French artists and other artwork from around the world.

Take a Walk Along the Waterways

The Stockton Marina is a beautiful place to visit if you love boats and waterways. It sits on the water and features a scenic walkway known as the Joan Darrah Promenade. You can take a stroll next to the river or go for a boat ride and relax on the deck while watching the water.

Eat at Market Tavern

For delicious meals that are reminiscent of home, head to Market Tavern in Stockton. It has a diverse menu that includes Nashville fried chicken sandwiches, pizzas, and beef stroganoff. In addition to their tasty food, the restaurant also offers a wide range of craft cocktails and drinks.

Explore Little Manila

This historic and vibrant neighborhood is home to many cultural activities and restaurants that are reminiscent of the Filipino community that was established in Stockton in the 1930s. You can spend an hour or two exploring this area, which is filled with remnants of the hotels, restaurants, shops, and grocery stores that were once focused on serving this community.

Try Traditional Chinese Cuisine

If you’re looking for some delicious Chinese dishes, you can try Dave Wongs, a much-loved restaurant that has been in the area since the 70s. You can order a variety of noodle and fried rice dishes as well as scrumptious desserts, like lemon cake and coconut ice cream.

Play Laser Tag at Zaps Zone

If you are a fan of laser tag, then you should consider visiting Zaps Zone during your trip to Stockton. It is a family-friendly facility that has a 6,200 square foot laser tag arena, as well as a snack bar and an arcade.

You can play laser tag in either base mode or free-for-all. You can also choose to purchase a game card for unlimited play.

Learn about the Cambodian New Year Celebration

If you’re a fan of culture, then you should consider adding a stop to the annual Cambodian New Year’s Celebration to your list of things to do in Stockton California. This event is free to attend and features music performances, cultural traditions, and traditional Cambodian cuisine.