Things to Do in Burbank, CA

There are many things to do in Burbank, CA – whether you want to learn about the local history, explore the city’s culture, or enjoy some fun activities with your family. This thriving city is a next-door neighbor to Hollywood and features a variety of attractions that are both connected to the film industry and separate from it.

Art galleries are one of the most popular attractions to visit in Burbank. Here, you can find a variety of art works that run the gamut from highly experimental contemporary pieces to classic traditional works. There are also specialized soundstages that offer a look into the intricate TV and film production process.

The Los Angeles Zoo is another top attraction that’s a must-visit during your trip to Burbank. This non-profit zoo is home to more than 1,400 animals, including gorillas, koalas and lions. It also offers animal shows and zookeeper talks that make it worth the admission price.

Aside from being an educational and entertaining experience, the zoo is a great way to spend some time outdoors. There are many hiking trails in this park, which is great for families and individuals who are looking for an outdoor adventure during their Burbank getaway.

Starlight Bowl Concerts

The Burbank area is home to a variety of different musical venues, and the Starlight Bowl is no exception. The venue is less well known than its famous cousin, the Hollywood Bowl, and if you’re looking for a more intimate and quiet concert experience, this might be a good option for you to consider. The venue offers concerts throughout the year, and some of the biggest performers in the world have performed here in the past.

Disney’s Archives

If you’re a huge fan of Disney, then this is a must-visit when you’re in Burbank. The studios here have an extensive collection of Disney memorabilia that’s sure to appeal to any aspiring nerd or die-hard fan. There are also guided tours and private tours for those who really want to dive into the history of this company.

Martial Arts Museum

The Martial Arts Museum is a booming museum that’s dedicated to teaching kids about martial arts traditions from around the world. It’s part of a larger museum scene in Los Angeles and is perfect for those with young children who are interested in learning about these cultures.

Flappers Comedy Club

This is a unique comedy club that has thrived in downtown Burbank since 2008. The club is open to all performers, and they have an excellent variety of comedians who perform a wide range of styles and genres.

Downtown Burbank is filled with restaurants, shops, and fun activities. This is a popular destination for movie-goers and families alike, with special events happening all year round.


Buena Vista Library is an iconic Burbank spot that’s packed full of resources for free. This central library has everything from computers to free library programs for kids, so it’s an ideal place to stop by while in Burbank.