Points of Interest Near Visual Edge IT Seymour Connecticut

indian well

Indian Well State Park

Indian Well was so named because of the Romeo and Juliet-like Native American legend surrounding the Park’s scenic waterfalls and the splash pool at the bottom of the falls. Local Native Americans never actually used the area as a well. Although the falls are lovely, the Park’s primary attraction is its location on the western bank of the Housatonic River. The shaded picnic grove at the water’s edge is a nice spot to spend a lazy summer day.

Lake Zoar

With more than 900 acres of boating and fishing waters bordered by shoreline vistas, southwestern Connecticut’s Lake Zoar is a great outdoor destination. Lake Zoar provides recreation areas with boat ramps, kayaking, swimming, canoeing, wildlife viewing, hiking trails, and picnic areas. The lake is long and narrow, stretching some 10 river-like miles with steep forested banks along most of its length. Rocky Glen is located at the northern end, and the Stevenson Dam defines the southern end. The roadbed across the top of the dam was originally used by horse and buggy, Model T’s, and now by 18 wheelers – a long lasting testament to the construction.

West Rock Ridge State Park

West Rock is the giant Basalt cliff that defines most views of Westville, and is the twin to East Rock. Extending north into Hamden and Bethany, 1,700-acre West Rock Ridge State Park features 23 miles of trails for hiking and dog walking, including the Blue-Blazed Regicides Trail.

Kellogg Environmental Center

As part of the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, the Kellogg Environmental Center offers workshops, exhibits, nature activities, and lectures for the general public. Through hands-on programs, families can enjoy learning about nature and the environment. Throughout the year, the Center offers special weekend programs, nature walks, and family workshops.