Waterbury Connecticut – A Diverse City

Located in Connecticut, Waterbury is one of the most diverse cities in the state. From its ethnic neighborhoods to its historical background, there are many things to see and experience in this city.

Historical background

Located on the Naugatuck River in New Haven County, Waterbury, Connecticut is an important part of the state’s historical background. The city has a rich history that includes its role in the Revolutionary War. The area is home to a number of important landmarks.

The Soldiers’ Monument, a bronze sculpture atop a 48-foot granite base, honors local Civil War veterans. It was commissioned by the city in 1884. It is located near the east end of the downtown.

The Howland-Hughes Company Building is Waterbury’s first true department store, and is now the location of The Connecticut Store. It was built in the Second Renaissance Revival style. The building is also home to the Waterbury Maternal Health Clinic, which is affiliated with the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau in New York City.

A pair of houses on the east side of downtown were originally the home of Miles Newton. A statue of Benjamin Franklin can be found in Library Park. The Rose Building, a modernist brick commercial building, is also on the green.

The Waterbury Clock, sometimes referred to as the Colley Clock, commemorates an important local business. The clock was constructed by Seth Thomas in 1915. The Waterbury Reservoir was created in 1938. The dam was designed as a flood control project. The reservoir became a popular recreation area.

Colleges and universities near Waterbury CT

Those seeking a higher education may find the Waterbury, Connecticut area a great fit. The city offers a variety of options, from public to private schools.

The city has three colleges and universities. The University of Connecticut is the largest, followed by Naugatuck Valley Community College and Springfield Technical Community College. All offer affordable higher education options.

The town is home to four neighborhood schools, which are designed to meet the needs of students in the areas of manufacturing, human services and computer technology. The city has also undertaken an aggressive school construction program in the past decade. The district recently completed a $25 million addition and alteration project at one high school.

The UConn Waterbury campus is located in downtown Waterbury, and has been serving thousands of Connecticut residents for more than 70 years. This branch of the UConn system provides entry into 110+ undergraduate programs. It also has over 250 Education Abroad programs.

The Allied Health Sciences (AHS) program prepares students for immediate employment in a variety of health fields. Graduates are prepared for admission to professional programs and graduate schools.

The UConn Waterbury campus also has the distinction of being the first in the state of Connecticut to offer a Masters of Business Administration program. The branch has also been a big proponent of the “women in STEM” movement.