Buying a Home in Fishers, IN

Known for its booming economy, Fishers Indiana has a variety of schools and a downtown district. There are plenty of new homes in East Fishers as well as a sesquicentennial trail for visitors.

East Fishers has plenty of new homes

Buying a home in Fishers, Indiana is a great investment. Not only is it close to Indianapolis, but it is also the fastest growing suburb in the state. While you may think of East Fishers as a sleepy suburban town, the area has plenty to offer.

The best part is that it is only a short drive from downtown Fishers, which is full of shops and restaurants. The town is also near other popular attractions such as the Nickel Plate District and the White River.

The area is also surrounded by a number of new and remodeled subdivisions. The city has grown to the east in recent years and has become an exciting place to live.

Fishers has a strong economy

Located in the Indianapolis suburbs, Fishers has a strong economy. The median household income is $91,646. It is ranked as one of the fastest growing cities in the state. There are a variety of jobs available and the cost of living is reasonable. There is a wide array of recreational opportunities as well.

Fishers is the home of the Conner Prairie Interactive History Park and Fishers Train Station. The city is also known for its walkability. The city has invested in Launch Fishers, a program that provides resources and a business incubator to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Fishers has five toes on each paw and sharp, curved claws

Often mistaken for a cat, the fisher is a unique species of forest carnivore. Its name is derived from the antiquated word fichet. They are also known as bobcats, but they are more closely related to wolverine than other members of the weasel family.

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Fishers has its own downtown district

During the last few years, Fishers, IN has been expanding into a great entertainment district. It is now home to several restaurants, parks and a variety of retail options. During the summer, the city hosts a free summer concert series at the Government Center. During the fall, the Amphitheater is a popular place to watch a Boo Bash.

A major development is underway in the Nickel Plate District. Browning Investments announced plans to build a new multi-story office building and a five-story apartment building with 241 units. The development will also include a public parking garage and resident amenities.

Fishers Schools

Among the state’s public schools, Fishers has some of the best in the state. In fact, its school performance measures are so impressive that the state of Indiana awarded it its College Success Award. The College Success award is a nod to schools that excel at serving low-income students.

As far as the number of students attending the Fishers public schools, it is estimated that there are 20,807 in total. Although not all of them are public, the city has a plethora of private schools as well. A look at the data from the National Center for Education Statistics reveals that the number of public and private K-12 schools in the city is roughly equal.

Fishers Sesquicentennial Trail

During Fishers Sesquicentennial Celebration, people will be able to explore historic landmarks and community favorites through the Fishers, IN Sesquicentennial Trail. This self-guided adventure takes visitors to 29 stops along the trail. The stops feature both local and national history as well as cultural and community landmarks.

To participate, participants can visit the stops and scan the QR code to complete the passport. Once they have completed the trail, they will receive a special gift pack. This gift pack includes a t-shirt and a gift card to a Fishers restaurant. The first 150 people to finish the trail will also be awarded a special gift pack.