Plainfield, IN – Home to the Quakers

Located within the state of Indiana, Plainfield is a suburb of Indianapolis that is home to the infamous Quakers. The town also has plenty of things to do, including shopping, hiking and dining establishments. This article will discuss some of the main attractions of the area and some of the interesting history of the town.

History of the Plainfield Quakers

Historically, the Plainfield Quakers were not the first denomination of Christianity to settle in the area. In fact, the first Quaker group to settle in the area was from the Carolinas.

The early settlers of the Plainfield area sought religious and political freedom. They built homes out of traditional materials and emphasized farming. Their first meetinghouse was established at John Laing’s home, near Plainfield. The meeting continued to meet at the home until 1731.

After the death of John Laing, the Plainfield meetinghouse was moved to a site near Plainfield Country Club. The new building was 34 feet by 48 feet, and was called the Plainfield Meeting House.

Dining establishments

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or a romantic dinner for two, Plainfield, IN has an array of dining establishments to suit your tastes. From steakhouses to brewpubs to the best deep-fried chicken in the state, you’ll find something to please everyone in your party.

The Wood-Fired Pizza Café is a great spot to satisfy your cravings for traditional Italian fare. The restaurant also offers $8 lunch specials.

While you’re waiting for your food to arrive, be sure to check out the pineapple juice bar. This no-fuss establishment is a local favorite.


Besides the requisite three digits gleaned from your local mall, there is no shortage of activities to occupy you and your well behaved spouse, be they male or female. Whether you are looking to test out the latest high tech gadget or are on a budget, there is a place for you to sate your shopping itch. Luckily, there is a lot of competition, which means you are more likely to get your money’s worth, no matter how high end your pocketbook is. Having said that, it’s important to know that your wallet won’t be blown away by the good ole boy next door.


Those who live in Plainfield, Indiana have a number of options for hiking trails. In addition to dozens of public parks, the town also boasts a number of dog friendly hikes. In fact, there are 25 nearby hiking trails.

The National Road Heritage Trail is a cross state trail designed for bicyclists and pedestrians. The trail is envisioned as a 150 mile continuous system, from Terre Haute to Richmond.

The South Westway MTB Trail is located near Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s not a bad choice for a day trip.

Preservation projects

Whether you’re looking for a way to preserve a family home, renovate a landmark building or save a historic neighborhood, there are many ways to do it. Plainfield, Indiana is known for its unique architecture in the city’s 10 historic districts. Here’s what you need to know.

Before issuing a permit to construct, demolish or relocate a historic building, it is important to get the seal of approval from the City’s Historic Preservation Commission. This means that the structure must meet the requirements of all applicable codes and regulations. This includes watertight exteriors and interiors and decorative features to prevent deterioration.

Historic National Road Marker

Located 20 minutes from downtown Indianapolis, Plainfield, Indiana is home to a Historic National Road Marker. This highway was commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson more than 200 years ago. It is the oldest road constructed in America. It connects the east coast to the west coast. It is now an important part of the community’s history.

In the 19th century, the National Road was the commercial lifeline for Indiana farmers. It provided a route to the east and provided a market for agricultural products. It also served as the nation’s first federally funded interstate highway.

Affordable suburb of Indianapolis

Located 20 miles southwest of Indianapolis, Plainfield, IN is an affordable suburb of Indy that is popular with families and professionals. The community has made a lot of improvements to accommodate its growing population. It is a friendly town that offers a slower pace of life.

In Plainfield, the population has grown quickly in the past decade. It now numbers around 35,000 people. The city has done an excellent job of adding infrastructure to accommodate its growth. However, with growth comes the potential for an increased demand for housing.