Frankfort Indiana Is Full of History and Culture

Whether you are a business traveler or simply a vacationer, you will love spending time in the beautiful city of Frankfort Indiana. This is a city that is filled with history and culture, as well as a vibrant arts scene. You can find hotels, restaurants, and other amenities that will help you make the most of your visit.

Historical background

Until 1830, Frankfort, Indiana, was not an actual town. It was a stop on the legendary Monon train lines to Indianapolis. Hundreds of tons of merchandise passed through the city each month. It was a trading center for the entire country. Before the Civil War, the area was populated by sixty families.

The first courthouse was built in 1837-1838. It was a 12-story temporary structure made from logs gathered from trees on the square. The county board paid contractors $20 to erect the structure.

The courthouse operated for 45 years. The third courthouse, built in 1881, was 165 feet tall. It cost $200,000. The cornerstone was laid September 2, 1882. The building still stands today.

After the Civil War, Frankfort was expanding rapidly. The city was home to many Granite Quarry workers. The Joliet and Northern Indiana Railroad and the Michigan Central Railroad provided service in the area.


Whether you are a fan of the bourbon or not, Frankfort, Indiana has you covered. For one thing, it is home to the state’s largest concentration of small businesses and a plethora of well-heeled shoppers. Similarly, the town is a haven for big name retailers such as Costco and Wal-Mart. The area also hosts numerous tech firms, including a smattering of well-heeled startups and a plethora of tech and creative professionals. In fact, this town is a veritable microcosm of the broader Midwest. For instance, one could literally hop from downtown Frankfort to downtown Louisville without ever leaving city limits. That’s why the city has a reputation for being the most walkable town in the state. That, and a hefty dose of civic engagement and community spirit, have led to many a bohemian neighborhood.

Arts scene

Whether you are looking for a cultural jolt or a relaxing weekend getaway, you’ll find it all in Frankfort, Indiana. The state capitol has plenty to offer. This city is home to more than just the Kentucky equestrian dynasty, but also a plethora of art and architecture. From a city hall that’s a shrine to architecture to a riverfront setting worthy of a summer vacay, there are plenty of reasons to explore this gem.

The arts scene in Frankfort is surprisingly diverse, albeit compact. The town has an impressive number of points of interest, many of which are within easy walking distance. If you’re a gander at the city’s map, you’ll find more than 40 attractions to check out. The city has a few museums, but the best ones are located in the downtown area, including the Capital City Museum and the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History.

Lake Michigan

Located in Benzie County, Frankfort is a small city on the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s an ideal location for a summer vacation. The city’s waterfront features dramatic beaches and a lively downtown area. The area is also close to forests and lakes, making it an ideal destination for outdoor lovers.

Frankfort is also home to several historic lighthouses. The Point Betsie lighthouse is one of the most visited landmarks in the state. The lighthouse is known for its historical exhibits and nature conservancy displays.

The Point Betsie Lighthouse is located at the south entrance to the Manitou Passage. The lighthouse is still operational as a navigation aid. Guests can take tours of the facility. The exhibit features a 100-year-old Fresnel lens and a Nature Conservancy exhibit. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Vacation destinations

Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or a longer stay, there are many vacation destinations in Frankfort, IN. This small city is surrounded by water, and is a great destination for families. It has several art galleries, a quaint downtown, and a number of interesting cultural attractions.

One of the more impressive sights in Frankfort is the Old State Capitol. Built in Greek Revival style by Gideon Shryock, this striking building was the seat of the Kentucky government from 1831 to 1910. It is now a museum piece, and serves as a reminder of the town’s history.

Another historic structure in Frankfort is the Capital City Museum. Located in what remains of the 150-year-old Capital Hotel, this museum features exhibits that depict 200 years of history.