The Best Places to Visit in Kokomo IN

Located in southern Indiana, Kokomo IN is a city that is rich in culture and history. The town is home to several notable sites, including the Myaamia Center and the Greater Kokomo Chamber of Commerce. The town is also home to a wide variety of restaurants and shops, and is a great place to visit for a day trip.


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Located in Howard County, Kokomo, Indiana offers a variety of resources for residents. These include business and economic opportunities, relocating families, and other community resources.

The Kokomo, Indiana area is a small town with a sparse suburban feel. In addition to its small town charm, Kokomo also has a long history of auto innovation.

The Kokomo Opalescent Glass facility produces functional glass art such as vases, bowls, platters, and more. The facility also provides lessons and public tours.

The Kokomo, Indiana area features numerous parks and recreation areas. One of these is the Kokomo Municipal Stadium, home to the Kokomo Jackrabbits baseball team. The stadium is located in the downtown district and is close to restaurants, stores, and art galleries. The facility offers concession stands, restroom facilities, and a souvenir shop.


Earlier this year, the city of Kokomo, Indiana approved an ordinance allowing the administration to buy bonds for a $20 million cleanup plan for contaminated soil. The plan calls for excavation of PCB-contaminated areas to remove the waste material to a hazardous waste dump site. While this is a great start, the city also has plans to protect the surrounding residential and commercial areas.

The Kokomo Soils, as they are known, are gray silty clay loams. Their fine and medium granular structures are weak. They have a smooth boundary and a mean annual temperature of 10.6 degrees C. They also have slopes ranging from 0 to 2 percent. They are located at elevations ranging from 162 to 381 meters.

They have a frost-free period of 140 to 190 days. They also contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), mercury, and arsenic. The city of Kokomo has a pending cleanup plan and a recent study ties the luster of the silver lining to the dreaded red splotch.

Myaamia Center

Located in Oxford, Ohio, the Myaamia Center is a not-for-profit educational institution aimed at educating north central Indiana’s diverse demographics. The ol’ school has its share of nitpickers but its educational programs are boundless. The Myaamia Center is a worthy contender in the best places to visit category. You won’t find any bluebloods here, but you will be greeted by a friendly group of philanthropists. While they’re at it, you might as well snag one of their swag bags. Their award-winning faculty and students are a treat if you’re lucky.

The Myaamia Center is also a great place to unwind and reminisce. The staff is friendly and most of them are more than willing to share their latest acquisitions with you. Their library is not to be missed.

Greater Kokomo Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1914, the Kokomo-Howard County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping create an attractive business community. The organization focuses on making Kokomo an economic leader in Indiana. It is also a member of the National Main Street network.

Kokomo’s economy is thriving. It has a welcoming downtown with a variety of entertainment options and festivals. It is also home to Championship Park, a nationally recognized softball complex, and Kokomo Municipal Stadium. The city has also experienced a revitalization of the riverfront district and infrastructure improvements. The housing market has improved in recent years, with several apartment developments now open.

The Greater Kokomo Chamber of Commerce develops programs to help businesses grow. The organization also serves as a lead economic development organization in the region. In addition, it provides resources for residents who are relocating or looking to start a new business.