Things to Do in Augusta Maine

The State of Maine is a popular tourist destination for many people. If you are planning a trip to the state, here are some things to do in Augusta Maine that will make your visit a memorable one!

You can find a variety of shops and restaurants in downtown Augusta. The old castle-like post office is an imposing sight in the middle of town.

The Maine State House

The State House is the seat of the Maine government. Finished in 1832, one year after Augusta was named the capital of the state, it’s modeled after the Massachusetts State House (Maine was a part of Massachusetts until 1820, when it became a separate state).

The building has been remodeled several times since its construction. An interior remodel in 1852 and again in 1860 expanded space for state offices, while a huge three-story wing was added to the rear of the building in 1890-1891.

The State House also serves as the home of the Maine Museum, which offers exhibits ranging from natural environment to social history. The museum’s archival collection includes official state government records, beginning with 1639 court records.

Old Fort Western

Located along the Kennebec River, Augusta’s Old Fort Western is a great place to learn about Maine history. It’s also a popular tourist attraction.

The main fort was built in 1754 and it serves as a reminder of the French and Indian War. Initially established by the Kennebec Proprietors, it was designed to expand their influence and control in the area, as well as cut ties between the Abenaki tribes and the French.

There is a museum inside the fort and you can learn all about the history of the fort. You can even take a tour of the fort and see the fortified storehouses. The store is actually furnished to reflect how life was back then. They have all kinds of farming tools and even copies of the store ledger!

The Old Post Office

The Old Post Office is a beautiful granite building that’s on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s on Water Street in downtown Augusta, and it’s a gorgeous sight to see!

It’s also a part of the Augusta Heritage Trail, which is a great way to enjoy the scenic Kennebec River. You can bike, walk, or rollerblade along this 6.5-mile trail that runs along the river’s shoreline.

In addition to its stunning architecture, The Old Post Office is home to a bronze statue that commemorates Samantha Smith, an activist who wrote a letter to the then-leader of the Soviet Union asking him about his plans for nuclear war. She was welcomed to the Soviet Union by the leader and continued her activism for peace until she died in a plane crash.

Capitol Park

Capitol Park is the location of Maine’s State House, as well as several special memorials. These include a Vietnam Veterans Memorial and a memorial to 9/11 victims.

A large, well-manicured garden in a lovely setting, it’s an excellent place to take a stroll and enjoy the scenery. Wide gravel paths crisscross between rows of trees.

One of the oldest designed landscapes in Maine, it was created in 1827 when Augusta residents donated 34 acres for the future State House and park.

A former home of the governor, this historic building was finished in 1902 and is an example of Colonial Revival architecture. Today, it serves as an event venue and is available for tours by arrangement with the Maine State Museum.

Regal Augusta 10

There are many things to do in Augusta Maine that will keep your family busy. From historic sites to fun attractions, you will have plenty to do while on vacation in this charming city.

One of the best things to do in Augusta Maine is to visit Regal Augusta 10. This ten-screen theater features first-run movies and state of the art technology.

Located in the shopping center, this contemporary theater supports premium formats like Dolby Cinema and RealD 3D. It also has special amenities such as food kiosks, digital projection, reserved seating, automated kiosks, and online ticketing.

Another great thing to do in Augusta is to walk the Kennebec Rail Trail. This 6.5-mile trail runs along the Kennebec River and offers beautiful views of the surrounding area.