Attractions in Augusta, Maine

Located on the Kennebec River, Augusta is one of the smallest cities in the state, but it’s still full of exciting and unique attractions. In addition to the University of Maine at Augusta, there’s also Sonny’s Museum and Rock Shop, Colburn House State Historic Site, and the Kennebec River Rail Trail. You can also check out Cushnoc Brewing Co. for craft beer and cider, or take a tour of the city’s oldest buildings.


Kennebec River Rail Trail

Currently, the Kennebec River Rail Trail is a 10-foot wide asphalt trail. It follows alongside the existing rail bed along the Kennebec River. The trail is wheelchair accessible and offers opportunities for all-season recreation.

The trail has a number of access points, including a trailhead off Union Street, near the State Capitol in Augusta. The trail is a popular biking and walking destination. The trail also connects to the East Coast Greenway.

Aside from being a scenic river, the Kennebec River is also home to rare Atlantic sturgeon. It was once very polluted, but clean water laws and Edwards Dam helped clean the river up. The river is now a flourishing habitat for fish.

The Kennebec River Rail Trail is an excellent walking and biking path for both families and cyclists. The trail is easy to traverse and offers a number of interesting sights along the way.

Cushnoc Brewing Co.

Located on Water Street in Augusta, the Cushnoc Brewing Co. is a craft brew and wood fired pizza purveyor. They offer both onsite and offsite dining, along with delivery and takeout. They have a couple of locations: one in Richardson, TX, and the other on the aforementioned Route 3. They also serve as a regional service center for area brewers.

The Cushnoc Brewing Company also has a tasting room, which is conveniently located two floors below the restaurant. Their tasting menu features a small but mighty selection of beers, as well as a slew of IPA’s and a few other hoppy types of beer. The tasting room is also accompanied by a nice sized outdoor seating area. It’s also a great place to people watch.

Colburn House State Historic Site

Located near the Kennebec River, Colburn House is an historic building museum. It is a two-story center-chimney timber frame house. A one-story ell is attached to the northern side.

The house was built in 1765. It was the home of Reuben Colburn, a shipbuilder. Colburn’s family was prominent in the colonial era. He was a good friend of George Washington.

The house is open for tours. However, since 2019, the interior tours have been closed due to renovations. Visitors can look at the carriage house and barn. They can also walk the grounds of the house.

The property has been restored by new owners with an appreciation for colonial architecture. The plaster in the main house needs to be repaired. Later eras of plaster and lath have been removed.

Sonny’s Museum and Rock Shop

Located in downtown Augusta, Sonny’s Museum and Rock Shop is a unique store that features a large collection of rocks and minerals. It is also home to a combination museum and cafe. The shop features jewelry made from semi-precious stones and decorative items. They also offer a variety of healing modalities, including Reiki sessions.

Sonny’s Museum and Rock Shop was created by Levi “Sonny” Chavarie in memory of his wife, Priscilla. Chavarie was a member of his church and also a deacon. He and his wife also shared a passion for rocks and minerals.

The shop features unique items, including rocks and minerals from all over the world. They also offer a variety of spiritual items, including books on natural and spiritual approaches.

University of Maine at Augusta

Located in Augusta, Maine, the University of Maine at Augusta is a public institution that offers associate and bachelor’s degrees, as well as select certificate programs. Aside from its location in a college town, University of Maine at Augusta also offers online courses for Maine residents and out-of-state students.

The University of Maine at Augusta was established by the 102nd Maine Legislature in 1965. The institution is the seventh campus of the University of Maine System. It is primarily a commuter campus. The college offers 22 four-year bachelor’s degrees, 49 certificate programs, and 22 associate degree programs. The college also has 44 minors.

The university is considered a top-notch academic institution. It offers excellent programs, a variety of courses, and a high degree of personal support. It is ideal for students who want to study in a college town. The school also offers an abundance of athletic opportunities.