Lisbon Maine Is Rich in History and Beautiful

Whenever I think of Lisbon, Maine, I automatically think of the beautiful, historic town. This is a city that is known for its historical sites, beautiful parks, churches, and museums. In addition, it’s a town that has an impressive number of colleges and universities. It also has a large amount of tourist attractions that are popular with visitors.



Located in Androscoggin County, the area of Lisbon Maine is a quaint little mill town. It’s a bedroom community for Portland, Maine area workers. Its main attractions are the mills and a scenic river. The Cathance River, which is a 230-acre nature preserve, has rapids and stretches of calm water.

Lisbon, Maine is a census-designated place (CDP) with a population of almost 10,000. The town is located in the Androscoggin River Valley. It is also included in the Lewiston-Auburn, Maine, metropolitan statistical area. The median household income is $42,328. The average household size is 2.40. Its high school graduation rate is 79%.


Located in Androscoggin County, Maine, Lisbon Falls is the 34th largest city in the state. The city is home to 4,189 people. The population of the city has increased by 0.38% since the last census.

Lisbon Falls is a great place to live. It has a lower poverty rate than most cities in the country. The city also ranks highly in livability and diversity. In fact, it is ranked 94 out of 94 for state diversity. However, the city is also very small. It spans over four miles.

Lisbon, Maine is a Republican city. However, the majority of its population is Catholic. The city is home to a high percentage of young adults.


Despite its relatively small size, the state of Maine has some enviable churches. One of the best is the one o’clock chapel at the University of Maine. The church is one of the most conservative in the state and is home to some notable members. The church boasts a thriving community, including a local high school, an adult center and an impressive pond for fishing and boating. The church is also home to some of the best brews in the state. The church’s off-site brewpub is a must visit for locals and visitors alike. The church is also home to a well-stocked library, a vibrant arts community, and an impressive array of historical sites.


Located in Androscoggin County, Lisbon is the third largest community in the state. The city is home to about 75,000 people. The median household income is 57,568 dollars. Almost 75% of the population owns a home. This means that the median house price is about 145,801.

The city has two public high schools, one public middle school, and three public elementary schools. The city has an average household size of 2.86. The median income for Lisbon residents is 57,568 dollars.

The city has an average commute time of about 26 minutes. Considering the low interest rates, it is no surprise that homebuyers are chasing the dream.


During your stay in Lisbon Maine, you will have the opportunity to visit many great attractions. You can visit museums, historic landmarks, and popular tourist spots. If you are traveling with children, you should check out the Lisbon Aquarium. In addition, you will also have the chance to see some amazing street art. You can find out more about Lisbon street art by visiting the Internet.

Lisbon is home to many great street art murals. The Travessa dos Fieis de Deus is one of them. This mural recalls leftist propaganda from the 1970s. Another one is the Calcada do Menino Deus. It is also home to a Fado superstar, Amalia Rodrigues.

Colleges and universities

Whether you are looking for a bachelors degree or simply a vocational certification, you can find a variety of degree programs at accredited colleges and universities in Lisbon, Maine. You can choose from an array of programs such as criminal justice, medical billing, mechanics and welding. Some schools even offer financial aid for recent graduates.

The University of New England is the largest institution in the state and is home to Maine’s only NCAA Division I athletic program. The college is also home to the College of Osteopathic Medicine and the University of Maine School of Law. The University of New England has 13,439 students.