Centerville Massachusetts – Things to See and Do in Centerville Massachusetts

Located in the Cape Cod region, Centerville is a community that has a small business district along with several notable beaches. The community is primarily residential with some small businesses located in the town’s small business district. Centerville is one of seven villages that make up the Barnstable, Massachusetts region.


During the spring and summer months, Centerville, Massachusetts, United States of America enjoys a mild climate. The town is located on the south side of Barnstable, Massachusetts. It has a population of 10,742 residents and a median income of $67,190. The city is known for several beaches. The town also includes the Centerville Historic District and a public library. The town is home to the Centerville Pie Company, which was featured on an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The winter months in Centerville, Massachusetts, United States of America are cold and snowy. Snowfall varies significantly throughout the year. The heaviest snowfall occurs in mid-January. During the snowy season, the temperature will be below average. Centerville’s average monthly precipitation is primarily rain.

Centerville has mild seasonal variation in the percent of cloud cover. It averages 53% overcast skies. Cloud coverage is a function of local topography. The highest temperature of the day is around 2 pm. It will be cloudy in the afternoon.


Located on the south side of Barnstable, Centerville Massachusetts is home to several notable beaches and a sprinkling of notable business enclaves. In addition, it is home to the Eastern College Athletic Conference and a few nifty ice cream parlors.

The town also boasts of having one of the largest concentrations of top rated public schools in the state. The Centerville Elementary School is home to some 247 K-3 students. The school is part of the Barnstable Public School District. ATTOM provides attendance data for the district. Likewise, the Department of Education provides a similar service for state schools.

The town also boasts a Four Seas ice cream parlor and a quaint looking pie shop. The town also boasts the oldest and smallest cemetery in the state, in the shape of St. Francis Xavier’s. The aforementioned Oprah Winfrey favorite things episode also featured the Centerville Pie Company. The town also has a flurry of notable historical attractions, from the infamous dungeon of Old Mill Bay to the quaintly named Old Mill Bay Historic District.

Places to visit

Located on the southern part of Cape Cod, Centerville, Massachusetts is a charming town surrounded by beautiful beaches on Nantucket Sound. There are many places to visit and things to do in Centerville.

The weather in Centerville, MA, US can be pretty warm and humid some months of the year. On the other hand, it can also be cold and snowy. The following graphs will provide an idea of the average temperature, humidity, and rainy days in Centerville, MA, US.

The “Melody Tent” is a good place to catch some big name entertainment. It is also home to the Cape Cod Whale Watch, Mid-Cape’s only whale watch. You can also take in the sights and sounds of the area by taking a ride on the Cape Cod Duckmobile.

The 1856 Country Store on Main Street in Centerville still sells penny candy. It is also the home of two wooden benches.

The Centerville Historical Museum is located in Centerville, Massachusetts. This museum is housed in a restored 1854 home and features an outstanding collection of historic items. This museum includes children’s toys, antiques, decorative arts, and marine artifacts. There are also ongoing programs for adults and children.

Hourly wind direction

During the month of September, the hourly wind direction in Centerville is predominantly west. The average hourly wind speed is 13.1 miles per hour. In addition, the average surface water temperature is 4degF lower in September. Throughout the month of September, the chance of a wet day increases from 23% to 27%. The shortest day of the month is September 30 and the longest day is September 1. The earliest sunrise is 6:07 AM and the latest sunset is 7:14 PM.

Throughout the month of September, the humidity in Centerville decreases from 29% to 9%. The average daily high and low temperatures decrease by 9 and 8 degF, respectively. The temperature is estimated by statistical analysis of hourly weather reports. The temperature is then adjusted for relative changes in MERRA-2 satellite-era reanalysis.

The growing season in Centerville typically begins in April and ends in November. During the growing season, the temperature ranges from 23 degF to 37 degF.