Fenton Michigan Is a Great Place to Visit

Located on the southern end of Lake Michigan, Fenton Michigan is a great place to visit for tourists. The city has a number of things to offer visitors, including the Moose Lodge and Silver Parkway. You can also explore the area’s downtown redevelopment plan.

Moose Lodge

Moose Lodge in Fenton Michigan has been around for decades, but has recently made a few improvements. If you’re looking for a great meal and a bit of history, you’re in luck. It’s one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the country, and it’s also involved in plenty of charitable causes.

Besides serving some good ol’ fish and chips, there’s actually a little bit more to the Moose Lodge than meets the eye. The lodge has a number of cool things to see, including a museum and a library. There’s also a nice bar and big screen televisions. The lodge even has a special area for kids, and is only a short walk from the town’s public beach.

The Moose Lodge on Lake Fenton has been a staple of Fenton Township since 1978. It has about 1,300 to 1,500 members, and is located next to the town’s civic center. The Moose Lodge has the aforementioned three pillars of service, and supports national and local charities, among others.

Silver Parkway

Located in the heart of Fenton, MI, the Silver Parkway is an ideal location to shop, dine, and unwind. This is especially true in the summer months, when you will find the city’s many attractions in full swing. The park is the largest of its kind in the city, and boasts two pavilions, a concession stand, and a 300 foot beach with lifeguards in tow.

The town is a family friendly place with a strong business community that functions as one. A stroll down the streets will reveal generations of families living and working in close proximity to one another. The city is located in southeastern Livingston County, a short drive from Detroit and Flint, and less than an hour from Ann Arbor and Lansing. The surrounding areas are a pleasant change of scenery from the urban core, and with the advent of the automobile, more and more residents are moving to the suburbs. Among the many advantages of living in this area are the affordable homes, low property taxes, and a vibrant business community.

Downtown redevelopment plan

Currently, Fenton Michigan is a thriving city that is experiencing growth and new development. The City of Fenton Planning Commission is addressing the changing needs of residents and the downtown areas through a master plan. The plan is designed to serve as a policy guide for future development. The plan includes recommendations for street cuts, traffic patterns, pedestrian facilities, and other elements of a quality downtown.

The Fenton Master Plan was developed by the City of Fenton Planning Commission, with input from a number of organizations and individuals. The plan is an important tool that helps to address the needs of residents. It outlines steps to preserve the historic downtown while enhancing the overall quality of life. The plan addresses a number of issues, including quality services, a diverse tax base, housing needs for seniors and families, and a need for quality facilities.

The Fenton Downtown Master Plan is the result of several meetings, research, and draft information. It provides a road map for implementing the plan and identifies major projects.

Lake Fenton

Located in southeast Michigan, Lake Fenton is a large body of water. It is home to a variety of fish species such as bluegill, smallmouth bass, northern pike, and yellow perch. The lake attracts avid fishers when the weather is warm. The community is also home to many water sports and great restaurants.

The average water temperature in Lake Fenton is above 66degF. The area is surrounded by a number of beautiful neighborhoods and offers a variety of housing options. The median home price in the area is $297,400. The area has a population of 5,205.

The lake is a popular destination for residents, but it has a high demand for homes. The real estate market in the region has improved dramatically in recent years. This has led to a strong appreciation in the Lake Fenton, MI real estate market. The median home value has increased 13.0% in the past year.

There are several factors that can affect the likelihood of floods in the Lake Fenton area. Among these are the changing weather patterns and the local topography. Deep floods are less likely than shallow floods. If a major event causes flooding, the 500-year flood standard will help lower the risk of damage.