Things to Do in Lansing, MI

Whether you are traveling to Lansing, MI for work or pleasure, there are many things to do in the city. From ice skating to Coyote sightings, you’ll find plenty of entertainment in the area. If you are looking for a quiet retreat, there are plenty of off-street parking options in the area, as well.

Apartments with off-street parking

Located in downtown Lansing, these apartments have plenty of charm with their location on the Grand River. They also offer excellent amenities. You can expect to find elevators, a clubhouse with kitchen, and an outdoor swimming pool with a sauna. You can also expect to find two, three, and four bedroom apartment suites.

The best part about these apartments is that they come with free parking. This is not something that you can expect to find with most rental properties in the city. This is a big bonus for anyone who loves the idea of living close to their work or play. These apartments are also within walking distance of Lansing Community College, Davenport University, Cooley Law School, and the zoo.

While you’re at it, check out the Riverwalk Apartments, which feature three floors with three floor plans. You’ll also find the following amenities: central heat and air, granite countertops, a dishwasher, an ice maker, and a laundry room with dryers. The apartments are also pet friendly with some restrictions.

Ice skating rink

Whether you’re new to skating or a veteran, there are a number of rinks in Lansing that offer learn to skate programs and public skating sessions. There are also rinks that offer lessons for hockey and figure skating.

The Summit Sports and Ice Complex is one of the most popular ice rinks in the area. This facility offers figure skating, hockey lessons and open skating on weekends. It also has locker rooms, two indoor turf fields, and a professional-sized ice rink. It has a direct refrigerated system to keep the ice surface pristine.

The Summit facility is located at I-96 and Lansing Road. It is one of the largest recreation facilities in northern Michigan. It also has locker rooms for teams, as well as five indoor basketball courts.

Another ice rink is located in the Capital Area District Library, which is across the street from Reutter Park. The facility is free to the public on Saturdays. There are programs for learn to skate, and themed skating for teens.

Food, beverage, and local shop scene

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Coyote sightings

Several residents of Lansing, MI have reported coyote sightings in their neighborhoods. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, coyotes are a carnivore native to North America. They typically live in wooded areas. They are active both day and night. They tend to avoid human contact and fences. They are most active at sunset. They are known to eat mice, rabbits, and small mammals.

Michigan’s wildlife officials say coyote sightings are more likely to occur during the breeding season. This is from mid-January to March. During this time, adult coyotes are able to become more comfortable around humans. They are often seen caring for pups.

Coyotes have been known to attack pets. If you think your pet is being attacked by a coyote, it is a good idea to have it picked up and taken to a veterinarian. They are also a threat to small children. It is also a good idea to keep your pet on a leash whenever it is outside after dark.