Nashua New Hampshire Offers Plenty of Things to Do

Located in southern New Hampshire, Nashua is a city that offers a wide variety of activities to its residents. The city is home to the Symphony NH, which performs orchestral works at various venues throughout the city.

SkyVenture Indoor Skydiving

Located in Nashua, New Hampshire, SkyVenture is a fun and exciting place to go. The complex boasts a hefty assortment of indoor adventure activities including an indoor surfing wave, an IMAX theater, and a 24 foot Nicros art rock wall. They also offer special events and packages, along with a restaurant and bar. They are also the oldest indoor wind tunnel in the state.

The aforementioned wind tunnel is the oldest of its kind in New Hampshire, and it is only second to the state’s newest, the iFLY Westchester in White Plains. It also happens to be the oldest of its kind in North America. Its re-circulating vertical wind tunnel simulates the thrills of real skydiving without the hassles. In fact, its eight-sided flight chamber is so massive that it’s considered the world’s largest flight chamber.

Mine Falls Park

Located in the Nashua River, Mine Falls Park is a 300-acre park and nature preserve. It is home to an assortment of wildlife, including bluegill sunfish and herring gulls. Its trails offer a great nature experience, and it’s a great spot to hike and bike.

There are three primary trails at Mine Falls Park. The first is the Nashua River Trail. This pathway runs along the south bank of the river. The Nashua River Trail is designed for a variety of users, and it has plenty of parking.

Another trail is the Mill Pond Trail. This trail leads you past Mill Pond, which is a popular fishing spot. It’s a popular location for mallards, who overwinter in the running water of distributive streams. You can see them in fall, winter, and spring.

Winter Holiday Stroll

Typically held on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, the Nashua Winter Holiday Stroll is a free, family-friendly event featuring entertainment, food, and ice carving exhibitions along its route. The event kicks off with a candlelight procession from City Hall to the Hunt Building. The Nashua Winter Holiday Stroll boasts more than two dozen entertainment venues and a range of programs and attractions to delight participants of all ages.

The Stroll is one of the largest community events in southern New Hampshire, attracting up to 30,000 people to downtown. The event is free to attend and is packed with live entertainment, a wide variety of vendors, and unique specialty shops. The Winter Holiday Stroll is a tradition that’s expected to last for many years to come.

The Winter Holiday Stroll boasts the largest tree lighting in New England, a dazzling light display on the Hunt Building and a festive parade. The event is also the site of the Nutcracker Holiday Handbell Concert, which features performances by the Granite State Ringers.

Average sunny days in a year

Throughout the year, Nashua, New Hampshire experiences a variety of weather patterns. The hottest month of the year is July. It is also the rainiest. During this month, Nashua receives 10.4 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. The average temperature for July is 83degF.

In addition to the precipitation, Nashua also receives 47 inches of snow. Its driest month is February. The wettest month is May. The coldest month is January. Nashua receives an average of 125 days of rain per year.

The average annual temperature for Nashua is usually between 16degF and 84degF. Throughout the year, the predominant wind direction is west. Nashua has a latitude of 42.7 degrees.

Nashua’s average number of sunny days is 201 per year. These days are measured by decades of weather observations. The average is calculated from the number of days when the cloud covers at least 40% of the sky during daylight hours.

Weather in Nashua

Located near a body of water, Nashua, New Hampshire has a pleasant climate year round. However, the winter season is chilly and snowy. The city experiences an annual snowfall of 57 inches. The rainiest time of the year is Summer, with an average of 47 inches of rainfall. Nashua, New Hampshire, also has a snowless season, which lasts from April 14 to October 31.

Nashua weather is mostly cloudy, with an average of 54% of days being overcast. The average high temperature is 35 degrees, with an average low of 18 degrees. The longest day in Nashua is June 21. The shortest day is December 21. The average water temperature is about 59 degrees.

Nashua’s topography is moderate, with a maximum elevation change of 167 feet and a maximum elevation difference of 10 feet. The city is surrounded by trees, with 64% of the area covered by trees.