Top Things to Do in Farmington NM

Located in northern New Mexico, Farmington is a town that is a great destination for a family vacation. It is a place where you can explore the local history, visit local attractions, and find a host of lodging options.


Navajo Lake

Navajo Lake is one of the largest lakes in New Mexico. It is a popular fishing and boating destination. The lake is located in northwest New Mexico near Farmington. There are two marinas and campgrounds on the lake. There is also a state park located on the lake.

Navajo Lake is located in a remote area of northwest New Mexico. It is home to rainbow and brown trout. The lake has a year-round fishery. You can fish from shore or rent a boat. There are also fishing guides available at the marinas.

The lake is also home to catfish, northern pike and other species. You can also scuba dive and water ski. The water is deep enough to accommodate any size boat.

Three Rivers Brewery

Located in downtown Farmington, New Mexico, the Three Rivers Brewery has been in business for more than 20 years, producing thousands of batches of beer a year. The brewery is part of a larger business that includes a pizzeria, an ice cream parlor, and an onsite wine bar. In addition to its own microbrewery, the brewery has produced a number of successful spin-offs.

The brewery has two large dining rooms, a bar and lounge, and two large beer tanks that can accommodate upwards of a dozen patrons at once. The brewing is accompanied by an extensive menu that offers a variety of dishes crafted from local ingredients. The brewery is also known for its hand-battered fish.

Pinon Hills Golf Course

Located in Farmington, New Mexico, the Pinon Hills Golf Course has a few high points on its golfing radar. With an impressive 749 yards of golf from the longest tees, it’s not hard to see why this is one of the most popular courses in the area. Fortunately, it’s also reasonably priced, which is great news for a family of four on a budget. The cost of golf in this area isn’t as prohibitive as it may sound.

The course boasts several notable features, most notably the impressively crafted par threes and fours, which are well maintained and played with panache. The club also boasts a plethora of facilities, including a state-of-the-art golf training facility, and a swanky clubhouse, aptly named the regal.

Lions Wilderness Park

Located in Farmington, New Mexico, Lions Wilderness Park features a 27-hole disc golf course. The course is located inside the park and offers endless views. The course is open year-round and is free to play. There are a number of picnic areas and mountain bike trails in the park as well.

There are many things to do in Farmington, New Mexico. The city is known for its natural beauty and vast open lands. There are also many museums, including the Farmington Museum, which features art shows and exhibits on local culture. Located in the city’s historic downtown, the museum also features a significant collection of Navajo Rugs. The museum also offers educational programs and traveling exhibits.

Tom Wheeler’s shop

Located in Waterflow, New Mexico, the Hogback Trading Company is the home of traditional Navajo arts and crafts. It specializes in jewelry, cradleboards, and other cultural arts and crafts. The company also provides pawn services.

The Hogback Trading Company is operated by Tom Wheeler, who is the fourth generation to own the trading post. Tom’s grandfather, Joseph Wheeler, led many families to the “New Land” in the 1870s.

The Trading Post was an important way to connect Navajo artists to buyers. The Wheeler family owned the Trading Post for over 125 years.

The Hogback Trading Company is located in a 10,000 square foot Hogan shaped building. Located near the Four Corners, the Trading Post is a cultural experience.

Lodging options

Whether you are looking for a budget hotel or a luxury getaway, Farmington, New Mexico, offers a variety of lodging options. There are budget hotels that are perfect for families, and there are luxurious accommodations with pools for the adventurous.

For budget travel, the Travelodge Farmington is an excellent choice. This motel is located about two miles east of downtown Farmington on a quiet side street off US 64. The rooms are on the ground floor in several connected blocks facing a central parking lot. Each room features a microwave and refrigerator, and free wireless Internet access. The hotel also offers coin-operated laundry.

The Fairfield Inn is another popular hotel in Farmington. This hotel features colorful decor in the guest rooms. The dining room offers a free hot breakfast each day. The hotel also features a 24-hour market, free Internet access, and a fitness center.


Whether you’re an art aficionado or just someone who’s curious, Santa Fe is a great place to find a variety of art galleries. There are more than 250 galleries in Santa Fe, making it one of the most art-filled cities in the US.

Art in Santa Fe has been around since the first settlers arrived in the 16th century. Pueblo artists responded to the new demand for art by creating bultos, or retablos, which became a popular tradition in northern New Mexico.

The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe provides an in-depth look at the cultures of the Indian people of New Mexico. It is located ten minutes from downtown Santa Fe. It is set for a major redesign in the near future.


Unlike any other city in the United States, Santa Fe, New Mexico has a rich cultural heritage. This is due in large part to its early Spanish and Native American influences.

Early Santa Feans wove yucca baskets, wove blankets, and fashioned sandals. These Native American traditions are still alive today, and have been a major factor in the cultural identity of Santa Fe.

When the Spanish arrived in New Mexico, they introduced the wheel and introduced metalworking techniques. They also introduced wood carving and embroidery. These were very successful, allowing the Spanish settlements to outpace the Pueblo Indians.

Spanish colonists also introduced Catholicism and a Catholic missionary program. They built eighty missions in New Mexico by 1680. The first bishop of New Mexico, Jean Baptiste Lamy, came from France. His church was engraved with Hebrew letters of God’s name in keystone.


Known for its Native American and Spanish influences, Santa Fe, New Mexico offers a wide range of dining options. There are fine dining restaurants as well as casual, fast-food style establishments. In the high desert of New Mexico, cuisine is a reflection of the community’s rich history.

New Mexican cuisine includes a variety of regional dishes, including chile, Frito pie, and posole. Some dishes are based on traditional Mexican cooking methods while others incorporate New Mexican twists. Some of the most common dishes are chile-based soups and stews, such as posole.

Another popular New Mexican dish is sopaipilla. Sopaipillas are a type of Native American fry bread. They are puffed to perfection and can be stuffed with ground beef or eggs. They are traditionally served with honey or sugar, but are also available without.

Places to stay

Choosing the right place to stay in Santa Fe is important. You want to stay in the heart of the city for easy access to the most popular boutique shops and restaurants. But you also want to be near some of the best museums and natural landscapes in the area.

You can stay in a variety of Santa Fe hotels and you will find that they all have something special to offer. For example, you can stay at one of the many hotels near the historic Plaza. The Plaza has many restaurants and boutique shops. It’s also a great location for nightlife and is one of the most popular areas for visitors.

You can also stay at one of the many hotels near the Railyard Arts District. This area is filled with former warehouses that have been transformed into funky hotels. There are many great restaurants nearby and the Lensic Performing Arts Center is within easy walking distance.

Things to do in Santa Fe

Located in the Southwest, Santa Fe is a vibrant and beautiful city. It is home to several art museums and galleries. In addition, the city is known for its rich Native American heritage. Whether you want to see a museum or take a tour, you will find plenty to do in Santa Fe.

One of the city’s top art museums is the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. This small but mighty museum is home to an extensive collection of works by the renowned artist. It also hosts frequent events. This museum is located on Museum Hill, which is an attractive area east of downtown.

Another must-see is the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture. This museum is home to over 80,000 objects representing the indigenous culture of New Mexico. The museum features multiple rotating exhibits, workshops and educational events.