Defiance Ohio Is Rich in History

Located in Central Ohio, Defiance, Ohio is a city that is rich in history. It is home to Fort Defiance, a World War II era fort that is still active today. It is also home to a number of other attractions, including a community college and an accredited university.

Fort Defiance

Located in northwest Ohio, Fort Defiance played a significant role in American colonialism. It was one of the first forts to be constructed in the state, and it was used in conjunction with other forts during the War of 1812.

In 1794, United States General “Mad” Anthony Wayne ordered the construction of Fort Defiance. It was built at the confluence of the Auglaize and Maumee rivers in northwestern Ohio. It was part of a line of defenses built by the Americans in their campaign to defeat the British in the Battle of Fallen Timbers. It also served as a base of operations for General Wayne following the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

In the early 1800s, the Ohio Territory was a hotbed of conflict between Native Americans and settlers. The area was home to buffalo, who roamed the land as far back as 1718.

Community colleges

Located in Defiance, Ohio, Defiance College is a private institution specializing in the arts and sciences. The school offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, as well as vocational and skill trade programs. The school also has two fraternities, a theater group, and a student newspaper.

The school’s main campus is located on a 108 acre site, with over a dozen buildings in use. Among them are a library, a chapel, and a gymnasium. The campus is also home to the Schauffler Center, which was donated by William Curtis Holgate.

There are over 50 degree programs available. Many of these are offered online. The university is also notable for its retention rates, which are an indication of how satisfied a student is with the school.

The Choose Ohio First scholarship is a program that supports undergraduate students in innovative academic programs. It is designed to strengthen Ohio’s competitiveness in the STEMM (science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine) fields.

Accredited universities

Whether you are looking for a liberal arts degree or a career in criminal justice, accredited universities in Defiance, Ohio have the programs and degrees you need. In addition, you can earn a master’s degree online or study abroad.

Founded in 1850, Defiance College is a private co-educational higher education institution. The campus is located on 150 acres of land outside Toledo, Ohio. The campus contains 18 buildings. In addition, the campus features a 200-acre Thoreau Wildlife Sanctuary.

Defiance College offers over 30 majors, including associate degrees. A student can complete a bachelor’s degree, as well as a Master of Education, or a Master of Business Administration. The college also provides financial aid. In fact, the College has received the 25-year award from the Council for the Support of Independent Education (CoSIDA).

In addition to its academic program, Defiance College has a diverse student body. The college has an average freshman retention rate of 57 percent. In addition, the college is part of the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. The college has earned many accreditations, including those from the Higher Learning Commission and the National Council on Teacher Education.


Located between the Maumee and Auglaize rivers, Defiance, Ohio is a city that has plenty to offer its visitors. You may find that you’re more comfortable staying in a more touristy area, but there are also several options for those who want to stay in a more affordable hotel.

The Lilac Festival is held in May, and the Johnny Appleseed Festival takes place in October. These festivals feature a range of local finds, including an antique tractor pull. You can also check out the Spangler Candy Store Museum and Tour, which offers tours of the candy making process.

If you’re looking for an alternative lodging option, you can stay at a Defiance motel. These hotels are usually very comfortable and offer great discounts. They might also provide a 24-hour front desk, free WiFi, and a gym. These properties are also often pet friendly.


Located in the northern tip of Ohio’s Maumee River Valley, Defiance is a quaint town of just over 16,000 people. It is also the county seat of Defiance County. Although it may be a little smaller than some of the big cities in the state, it is still a great place to explore.

The city is home to the Ohio Craft Brewing Company, which opened its doors in 2010. The brewery is located on the Eagle Rock Golf course. Aside from its beer, the brewery is home to some pretty awesome food, too. Guests can order from a menu featuring some of the best burgers in town. The brewery also has a nice sandbox for letting kids run around. If they get too restless, there is also an indoor sandbox where they can play a game of hide and seek.