Wooster, Ohio – A Small Town With Big Ideas

Known for its quaint, small town atmosphere, Wooster, OH, is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a small town with great local restaurants and activities. With a population of over 11,000, Wooster is also home to the University of Akron and is one of the largest cities in Ohio. In addition to the University, there are many other attractions and events that you can enjoy when you visit the area.

Named after David Wooster

Located in the northeastern part of Ohio, Wooster is the largest city in Wayne County. Wooster is a center of agriculture and manufacturing in the state. Wooster’s economy is based on its agricultural sector and the advanced manufacturing industry. The community’s manufacturing industry also produces many prestigious educational institutions. Some of the area’s educational institutions are The College of Wooster, The University of Wooster, and Wayne State University.

Wooster is named after Revolutionary War general David Wooster. He commanded the Connecticut militia during the French and Indian War and was later named a Brigadier General. David Wooster was born March 2, 1711, in Stratford, Conn. He grew up in a well-to-do family in Connecticut.

David Wooster joined the Continental army in 1775. He resigned his Continental commission in 1776. He was also the commander of the Connecticut brigade during Richard Montgomery’s invasion of Canada.


Known as the “County Seat of Wayne County” in 1811, Wooster, Ohio was originally laid out by William Henry. Wooster was named after Revolutionary patriot Major General David Wooster. In 1810, the first state road traveled from Canton, Ohio to Wooster.

There are several historic buildings in Wooster. One of the oldest buildings is the Old Wayne County Jail, which was built in 1810. Another building was the first brick house built in Wooster. It was occupied by J. S. Bissell Bro. Another building was the first grist mill to be built in Wooster, which was opened by Joseph Stibbs in 1809.

Other buildings are the Long House, which is located at 658 Pittsburg Ave. The gift corner building was built in 1870. This building is a good example of the late Gothic Revival architectural style. There are also several buildings that are considered county historical landmarks. These include the Jonas Notestein House, which was home to a famous geologist, author, and professor at the College of Wooster.

Attractions in the area

Located in northeast Ohio, Wooster is a great destination for travelers who want to enjoy a variety of local attractions. Its historic downtown, tree-lined streets, and eclectic shops are just a few of the attractions that make it a fun place to visit.

Wooster’s earliest settlers came from New Jersey and Maryland, and the town was named after Revolutionary War Brigadier-General David Wooster of Connecticut. Today, Wooster offers a wide variety of attractions for visitors of all ages.

The Ohio Light Opera has been entertaining guests for more than 30 years. The opera company, located on the College of Wooster campus, performs a variety of operas, musical theater, and operettas. The season includes six full productions.

The College of Wooster Art Museum is home to a wide variety of national and regional exhibitions. The Art Museum is also a catalyst for creativity.

Colleges in the area

Founded in 1866, the Colleges in the area of Wooster, Ohio are a diverse community of learners. Their mission is to provide an outstanding liberal arts education and to develop self-confidence and independent judgment.

A liberal arts college located 45 minutes north of Cleveland, Wooster College is a non-secular school. Students and faculty work together to create an educational experience that fosters collaboration and initiative. The College of Wooster has a reputation for excellence, and its graduates are employed as museum curators or in academia.

The College of Wooster is a leader in undergraduate research. Through mentored undergraduate research, students develop critical thinking skills, independent judgment, and creative problem solving. They develop a lifelong relationship with their professors and fellow students. In the end, they produce an in-depth project of inquiry.

Climate in the area

Located near a large body of water, Wooster, Ohio, has a pleasant climate year round. Weather variations vary considerably, but in general, summers are hot, and winters are cold. Some factors to consider are humidity, wind speeds, and the number of cloudy days.

The growing season in Wooster is usually 5.9 months long. It begins around July 1 in the Southern Hemisphere and ends around October 1 in the Northern Hemisphere. The drier season is from September 26 to March 18.

The warm season is from June 22 to October 2. It’s generally warmer than the normal, but rain may be below normal. The coldest temperatures of the year will be in the late January to mid-February.

The clearest part of the year occurs in June. The shortest day of the year is December 21, while the earliest sunrise is at 5:55 AM on June 14.

The annual precipitation in Wooster, Ohio is moderate, with an average of 49 days of precipitation per year. Average monthly rainfall ranges from 1.3 inches to 3.4 inches.