An Overview of Zita TX

Regardless of whether you have been considering moving to Zita TX or have decided that it is the right place for you, there are a few things that you should know. This article will provide you with an overview of the town and its real estate. You will also find out about the cities that are located just a hundred miles away from Zita, TX.


About the town

Located in the Texas Panhandle, Zita is an unincorporated community in Randall County. It was originally a small town, ten miles northeast of Canyon, and once served as a Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway station. It was later absorbed into the city of Amarillo, where it remains today.

Zita’s median real estate price is a whopping $204,631. This is a little more expensive than the 41.2% of Texas neighborhoods that have a median price under $204,000. It’s also much more expensive than the 30.8% of US neighborhoods that have a median price under $230,000.

Zita’s median rental price is also very affordable. Its average rental price is $1,682. This is lower than the 49.0% of Texas neighborhoods that have a median rental price under $1000.

Real estate in the area

Located just south of the E. Farmers Avenue, Zita is an Amarillo suburb that was once part of the city of Canyon. It’s not unusual to see newer homes being built in the area, although many of the older homes were built in the late 1970s and early ’90s.

Zita is home to a lot of small to medium sized homes, but it’s not all yurts and tumbleweeds. The town’s biggest draw is the Amarillo airport, located just east of the city’s main business district. The airport is known for its small but efficient airport terminal and well-kept facilities.

The Zita area also features a small but vibrant downtown, which is home to several restaurants and shops. It’s a popular destination for visitors from neighboring cities and states. The median home price in Zita is a bit higher than the average in Texas, but it’s less than half of the national average.

Cities 100 miles from Zita, TX

Located in the southwestern part of Texas, Zita is a city in Randall County. The city’s main claim to fame is being the location of the Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway’s Zita station. The station opened in 1907 and was discontinued five years later. The post office was closed shortly thereafter. The town of Zita grew significantly with the establishment of a school in the early 1900s.

Zita’s real estate market is primarily comprised of medium-sized homes. Compared to the median real estate price in Texas, Zita’s median home price is more expensive. However, Zita’s rental rates are lower than the state average. The town’s housing vacancy rate is also on the upswing, with an 11.1% increase over the past year.

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Located in Texas, Zita is an unincorporated community in Randall County. Zita was once an important railroad station for the Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway. This small town was eventually absorbed by the city of Amarillo.

Amarillo is located at the center of the Texas Panhandle. The city is surrounded by the Great Plains. Zita is located just off of the Loop. It is home to the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, which preserves the history of the town.

The town’s history began in the early 1900s, when a school was established in Zita. This school eventually doubled as a community center. The town was absorbed by the city of Amarillo, but the school building was eventually destroyed. The records of the school are now located in the Panhandle-Plains Historical museum.