Leander Texas Apartments

Located in Central Texas, Leander is a charming town that offers residents and tourists an abundance of opportunities to enjoy. Besides being home to the popular Leander Light Rail, the town also boasts industrial, retail, and education-related spaces.

Historic Old Town Leander

Located thirty miles north of downtown Austin, Texas, Leander is a unique destination in Central Texas. It is home to a variety of businesses, including restaurants, breweries, and wineries. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

The history of the town dates back to the 1840s, when settlers began to arrive in the area. Before Anglo settlement, the Leander area was home to several Native American nations. The Tonkawa, Lipan Apache, and Comanche people were among those who lived in the region.

The railroad industry began to expand to the area in the late 1800s. By the 1870s, the town had become a well-traveled stagecoach route. It was then that the first settlers arrived in the area, settling in log cabins and living in fear of being attacked by Indians.

Austin Community College – San Gabriel Campus

Located in Leander, Texas, the new Austin Community College – San Gabriel Campus is a 1 million square foot transit oriented development. The campus is designed to accommodate 12,000 students. The campus includes a library, science and biology labs, a YMCA and classrooms. The building was also designed to be environmentally friendly.

Aside from its impressive architectural features, the ACC San Gabriel Campus is a great example of green construction. The campus is LEED Gold certified and uses 9% renewable energy. It also incorporates LED lighting and rooftop photovoltarenactor arrays. The campus is surrounded by hiking and biking trails and is next to a light rail station.

The campus was developed using a 20-year master plan. This plan was designed to create a walkable campus that will accommodate future growth.

Industrial, retail, and education-related spaces

Located 23 miles north of the state capital, Leander, Texas is a rapidly growing suburb of Austin. This suburban area offers many amenities and transportation options for families and businesses. This includes access to the CapMetro commuter rail line, which provides real-time arrival and departure information. In addition, the town boasts a vibrant Transit Oriented Development (TOD) center.

Besides the TOD, Leander is home to several retail, industrial, and education-related properties. These include Goodwill, Randall’s, and HEB. The Leander ISD recently earned the honor of being a large district winner of the HEB Excellence in Education award.

The city’s commercial real estate market is comprised of retail, industrial, and office spaces. These buildings range from small, one-story shops to expansive office complexes. The largest proposed office project is a medical office with 80,000 square feet.

Apartments near the Leander Light Rail

Those looking for Apartments near the Leander Light Rail will find that the city is just about a mile away from this commuter line. The light rail provides residents with a comfortable commute into Austin. It offers a number of stops along the route, including those in Lakeline, Howard, and downtown Austin. It also provides an alternative to the hectic traffic in the downtown area.

Residents of Leander can enjoy a warm, rural climate. There are many family-friendly neighborhoods in the area, and the town was rated one of the best places to raise a family in Texas. It also provides a small town feel and a quiet, safe atmosphere. The city of Leander is located in Williamson and Travis counties.

Renting an apartment in Leander can be an affordable option for those seeking a place to live. The town has a median rent that is higher than the national average of 4.6%, but is still slightly lower than the state average of 5.5%. Its rent prices depend on the size and style of the home, but renters should be prepared to pay a security deposit and an application fee. Some landlords may charge a late fee for payments that are made more than two days after the due date.

Chamber galas

Besides the usual suspects, there is also a slew of off beats. The Austin hotel scene isn’t the only one in town. For starters, there are several other shindigs happening a mile from downtown. Aside from the obligatory meetings and dinners, there are several galas to choose from, not to mention numerous networking opportunities to boot.

The most fun of all is the fact that attendees are actually encouraged to have a good time. Moreover, attendees will likely be rewarded with a few amusing perks in the form of a complimentary bottle of wine. Not to mention, attendees will be able to participate in a variety of social activities in a setting that is conducive to a roustabout.