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Things to Do in Mount Pleasant, Texas

Mount Pleasant is a charming town with beautiful parks and family-owned eateries. It’s also known for its historic downtown.

Whether you are looking for a quiet getaway or a big adventure, there is something for everyone in Mount Pleasant. Here are a few things to do while you are here!

1. Visit Lake Bob Sandlin State Park

Located just a two hour drive from Dallas, Lake Bob Sandlin State Park is a popular getaway spot for nature lovers. Its luscious green surroundings make for a stunning change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Hiking is a popular activity at this park, which features four easy trails and one moderately difficult trail. The Brim Pond Trail takes hikers through a stunning woodland with pine, buckeye and American beautyberry trees.

Fishing is also a popular pastime at this state park, where you can catch bass, catfish and crappie from shore or by boat on the lake. The park even offers a lighted fishing pier and a stocked pond with a fish cleaning station.

If you’re a tech geek, then you’ll love the treasure hunts that are hidden throughout the park. With your GPS in hand, you’ll be able to scout for these treasures and feel like you’re on an adventure of a lifetime!

2. See the Bo Pilgrim Head

Located in Pittsburg, Texas, the Bo Pilgrim Head is one of the most popular sights in East Texas. It is a huge statue that is seen all over the region.

Lonnie “Bo” Pilgrim is the founder of Pilgrim’s Pride, a chicken company that is known throughout the country. His company has gone through many highs and lows over the years, but Pilgrim stayed true to his Christian beliefs through it all.

His devout Christian beliefs also drove him to donate to local East Texas charities. The Patty and Bo Pilgrim Cancer Center at Texas Oncology in Mount Pleasant, the Pilgrim Chapel at Dallas Baptist University and Witness Park and Prayer Tower in Pittsburg, are just a few of his contributions to the area.

3. Take a Tour of Pilgrim’s Pride

Pilgrim’s Pride is one of the biggest names in chicken processing and is a great place to visit. It is located in a picturesque, small town that has been named as one of the “100 Best Small Towns in America.”

PETA has sent a letter to District Attorney David Colley requesting that he investigate and file applicable criminal charges against the person responsible for throwing two live chickens against a wall with remarkable force at a Pilgrim’s Pride slaughterhouse.

Pilgrim’s Pride is a leading supplier of processed and fresh poultry products in the United States and Mexico. Its operations include egg producing, contract growing, feed milling, animal rendering and chicken processing. It has a presence in 12 states, Puerto Rico and Mexico. It employs approximately 41,900 people worldwide.

4. Visit the Mid America Flight Museum

The Mid America Flight Museum is a private-owned aviation museum that flies on a regular basis and has ongoing restoration projects. Their aircraft include a 1925 Waco Nine and the 1951 Grumman Albatross.

The museum aims to support the community, honor veterans, mentor the youth, and preserve aviation history. Their collection consists of over 40 aircraft, including many vintage World War II warbirds and some of the earliest American innovations in private civilian aviation.

Liberal, Kansas, was once home to a B-24 Liberator pilot training base during World War II. It was also home to a major Beech Aircraft factory and a regional airport.

5. Eat at Round Eye Sushi Guy

If you’re a fan of sushi, then the Round Eye Sushi Guy is an excellent place to visit. This is East Texas’ only sushi joint, and it offers a wide variety of dishes to choose from.

While the menu is small, the selection of seafood from Japan and Hawaii is impressive. You’ll find a variety of traditional choices like tuna, salmon and eel, as well as more unique options. The restaurant also features an extensive sake program that you’ll want to try. It’s a great choice for lunch or dinner and is located inside of a strip mall. This is a fantastic spot for those looking to sample something new while in Mount Pleasant TX! You can check out their website to learn more about the restaurant and make a reservation.