Things to Do in Milton, Vermont

Located in Chittenden County, Vermont, Milton is a town of just over ten thousand people. It is home to one of the largest parks in the state: Sand Bar State Park. The town also boasts a number of colleges and universities.

Average household size

Whether you are relocating to the area or just starting out, you will want to know about the average household size in Milton, Vermont. Milton is a small town located in northern Chittenden County. This community is located on the Lamoille River which flows from northeast to southwest across town. There is a municipal building, a police force, and several churches.

The average household size in Milton is 2.81 people. This is slightly higher than the national average of 2.84.

The city has an 80% high school graduation rate. In the most recent census, Milton had a population of 10,723 individuals. This is a small town but there are plenty of young people looking to start a family.

Average household income

Among all the cities in Vermont, Milton has the highest median household income. This figure is $29,713 a year. Milton is also the only Vermont city that has a per capita income higher than the US average of $38,433.

Milton is also the highest cost of living city in the country. The cost of living is 16% higher than the national average. It is 7% higher than the national average for transportation. It is 5% higher for health care. It is 16% higher for groceries. The average annual cost of food in Vermont is $3,835.

It is also 29% higher for utilities. In addition, Vermont has higher average tax burden. It has an income tax rate of 6.8%, which is higher than the US average of 5.0%.

Madeleines Bakery

Located in the Vermont capital of Milton, the Madeleine’s Bakery is a swell place to spend a few bucks and indulge in some schmoozies. The quality is top notch and the customer service is top notch. As a matter of fact, the staff at the Madeleine’s has been known to take a few customers out for a spin around the block. In fact, the Madeleine’s was named the best new business in the state in a recent customer satisfaction survey. The most recent additions include a new office space and a remodeled kitchen. As it stands, the company is positioned to take advantage of Vermont’s recent economic renaissance.

Arrowhead Golf Course

Whether you’re looking for a day at the golf course or a night out on the town, you’ll find a plethora of options in this Vermont burg. Arrowhead Golf Course has all your golfing needs covered. Whether you’re looking for a challenging round or an evening of relaxation with the littluns, you’ll find it here. The course is also surrounded by a forest of trails to keep you fit. If you’re looking for a challenging round, Arrowhead Golf Course is a good bet.

Unlike most courses in the area, Arrowhead Golf Course is open to the public. The course is laid out in a fair and challenging manner, making it a worthy challenge for any golf enthusiast.

Sand Bar State Park

Located between Milton and South Hero Island in Grand Isle County, Sand Bar State Park offers a 2,000 foot-long sandy beach. It is considered one of the best beaches on Lake Champlain. It also provides a great opportunity to fish, swim, or picnic.

Sand Bar State Park is managed by the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife. Sand Bar is a popular migratory stopover for waterfowl. It is also a spawning ground for many lake fish. It is also home to muskrats, turtles, and beaver. It also has a concession stand on the beach. You can rent paddle boards from the park office.

There are many biking and hiking routes around Lake Champlain. You can also visit the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, which offers interactive exhibits for all ages.

Colleges and universities near Milton Vermont

Among the many colleges and universities in the area, one stands out as the most impressive. The University of Vermont is a notable contender, but there are a number of other worthy competitors in the Milton, Vermont higher education arena. Some of these include Saint Michael’s College and Adirondack Community College. For those interested in a more affordable higher education option, these institutions should be at the top of your list.

In addition to the large scale higher education options, there are a few smaller colleges in the area. These include one community college, a handful of state schools and a handful of private schools. The largest of these colleges is the University of Vermont.