Morristown Vermont Weather and Education

Located in Lamoille County, Morristown Vermont is a town of 5,434 people. The town is the largest in Lamoille County and the commercial center of the county.

Weather in Morristown Vermont

Depending on the type of precipitation, Morristown Vermont weather can vary greatly. In fact, some days can have a very low or very high chance of precipitation. The most common type of precipitation is rain. Some days can have a mixture of rain and snow. Other days can have snow alone.

In the winter, Morristown Vermont weather is cold. The average high temperature for the month of January is about 26degF. The average low is about 9degF. Wind chill values can be as low as 29degF. The temperature drops to about -12degF on rare occasions. The snowiest month is December, with a total of 25.0 inches of snow.

The drier part of the year in Morristown Vermont is from October 14 to April 10. Average precipitation in this time period is 42.2 inches. The shortest day in the year is December 21, with a temperature of 11degF. The longest day is June 21, with a temperature of 59degF.

The warmer part of the year in Morristown is from June through August. The temperature averages 68degF during this time. During this period, the sun sets around 8:39 PM and sunrise is at 7:33 AM. The moon is above the horizon at around 4:10 PM. The shortest day in 2022 is December 21, with a temperature of 12 degF.

Schools in Morristown Vermont

Whether you are a local or considering a move to the VT capital, there is no shortage of choices in the education sphere. There are numerous colleges and universities, each with their own unique offerings. Some schools are tuition-free and others charge tuition. A quick search online will reveal an impressive list of options. Some schools offer degree programs from the associate level all the way up to the doctoral level.

The Morristown area boasts one four-year public university and one community college offering a two-year degree. The average tuition at these institutions is around $20,340. Aside from tuition, there are a few other costs associated with attending college in Vermont. While some schools are free to attend, others require a fee to cover the costs of living, books, and tuition.

The best schools in the Morristown area offer small class sizes, a strong commitment to student success, and the oh-so-stressful task of choosing a college that suits your interests and your budget. This is a good thing, especially since the average cost of a college education is about the same as a middle-class salary in most of the country. Choosing the right school is not the only challenge, though, as many schools are oversubscribed. A little research can go a long way in helping you find the right match.