Points of Interest Near Visual Edge IT Williston Vermont

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Lake Iroquois

Nestled amid the rolling hills of mid-Chittenden County, Lake Iroquois is a 237-acre spring and tributary-fed body of water surrounded by the towns of Williston, Hinesburg, Richmond and St. George. The Lake Iroquois Association is a steward of this haven for recreation and wildlife and the surrounding ecosystem.

Five Tree Hill Country Park

Five Tree Hill Country Park is a 52-acre public park located just south of Sunset Hill Road in the rural southern-central portion of Williston. Two trails run through the wooded interior of the property, a primitive hiking trail and a snowmobile trail created and maintained by Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST).

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Muddy Brook Wetland Reserve

The Muddy Brook, which flows through the park, flows through open agricultural fields to the north and continues through dense vegetation and riparian forest to its mouth where it empties into the Winooski River. Land use planners and ecologists consider this tract of land valuable because it affords unfragmented, contiguous habitat for large ranging mammals such as deer, moose, bear and bobcat. It provides a linkage corridor that many mammals need to move through to other areas where they forage and mate. It also serves as seasonal and year-round home for a myriad of animal, bird and plant species.

Reverence (Whales Tails)

The sculpture named, “Reverence”, was created by Jim Sardonis in 1989. Carved from 36 tons of African black granite, the tails stand between 12 and 13 feet tall and are meant to symbolize the fragility of the planet. The tails were commissioned by a local developer in 1989, and in 1999 Technology Park Partners purchased them and placed them where they are seen today.