As we’ve seen recently, natural disasters can strike at any time and often without warning!

Most businesses face a unique set of cybersecurity challenges when hit by natural disasters. With damaged or destroyed infrastructure, power outages, and limited resources, all businesses, especially SMBs, must be prepared to protect their data and systems from cyberattacks. By taking proactive measures to bolster their cybersecurity posture, these businesses can help ensure that they are able to weather the storm—literally and figuratively.

After a natural disaster strikes, organizations are often left scrambling to restore critical business functions. This can leave them vulnerable to cyberattacks from opportunistic criminals who seek to take advantage of the chaos.

Natural disasters can have a profound impact on businesses of all sizes.

43% of data breaches in recent years
were against SMBs

$2.2 million
average cost of a data breach
for an SMB


When you’re powered by Visual Edge IT, it means you get a partner who’s already monitoring and managing businesses and devices from 90 locations across the country.

We Help You Take the Necessary Steps to Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats

  1. Ensuring your anti-virus software is up to date.
  2. Creating a comprehensive business continuity plan.
  3. Accessing and implementing a robust backup solution.
  4. Training your employees on cybersecurity best practices.

Regardless of your business size, by creating a business continuity plan, implementing a robust backup solution, and training your employees on cybersecurity best practices, you can help ensure that your organization is able to weather any storm—literally and figuratively. At Visual Edge IT, our national team of experts can assist you and your organization in taking the necessary steps to defend and protect your company’s data in the event of natural hazards.


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