Modern Workplace Technology: macOS Monterey

This long-awaited version of the Mac operating system, known as the macOS 12, was unveiled last year at the Apple Unleashed event. The official release date was October 25, 2021.

This release is the newest version of the Mac operating system. It improves stability, privacy, and performance. So, if you haven’t updated your system, now is the time. Begin by saying goodbye to your old operating system and install the macOS Monterey on your compatible Apple devices. So, here’s everything you need to know about macOS Monterey, from compatibility and installation to all the latest features.

Compatible Modern Workplace Technology Devices 

macOS Monterey is a free update for all compatible Apple computers. Initially, Apple launched a few variations of MacBook Pro with pre-installed macOS Monterey. However, since the official release macOS Monterey is supported on the following devices:

  • MacBook Pro: 2015 & Latest
  • MacBook Air: 2015 & Latest
  • MacBook: 2016 & Latest
  • iMac Pro: 2017 & Latest
  • iMac: 2015 & Latest
  • Mac Pro: 2013 & Latest
  • Mac Mini: 2014 & Latest

New Features

macOS Monterey includes many unique new features and designs, and app improvements.

  • SharePlay

With SharePlay, you can watch movies and listen to music while being on a FaceTime call. The new SharePlay feature is compatible with Apple TV and lets you share your screen, movies, and music with your friends. SharePlay uses Smart Volume to adjust both the call and media audio so that you can hear everyone clearly during a movie.

  • AirPlay to Mac

In macOS Monterey, you can share content like songs, videos, photos, etc., from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. Also, you can stream music on your iPhone and play it on your Mac using the AirPlay feature. It connects wirelessly or through a USB. Additionally, you can also mirror the display of your iPhone or iPad on your Mac, which is especially helpful if you share keynote presentations or images.

  • Universal Control

This feature revolutionizes modern workplace technology by saving time and the need to switch between devices. With Universal Control, you can use a single input unit, such as a keyboard, touchpad, or mouse, to control up to three connected devices. Simply drag your cursor to the end of the screen until it shows up on the other device. Additionally, this feature does not require setup.

  • Focus

The Focus mode on macOS Monterey helps you avoid distractions during any important task by turning off notifications unrelated to your current work. For example, you can turn on Focus for work, sleep, gaming, fitness, or driving, and it will only send notifications you’ve allowed while silencing the rest.

  • Live Text & Look Up

Using this feature, you can use text from any photo or screenshot by simply copying and pasting the text into your notes. In Live Text, anything written on an image becomes interactive and can be easily replicated. Using the Visual Look Up feature, you can extract all text information from an image.

  • Mail and iCloud Protection

With macOS Monterey, you can know which app on your Mac is using your mic via the camera indicator light. Moreover, you can hide your IP address in emails and stop people from knowing when you have opened your Mail. iCloud+ also gets better security features such as iCloud Private Relay, Hide My Email, and Custom Email Domain.  

New Improvements 

macOS Monterey includes many app improvements.

  • Messages

Anything shared with you by friends or family using the Messages app gets stored in your Apple computer’s Shared with You folder. So, with this update, you don’t have to open your previous chats to see a shared podcast, photo, or pin location. Large numbers of photos shared in messages appear in a neat stack in your conversation and can be easily saved. 

  • Safari

macOS Monterey introduces Tab Groups in Safari, where you can sort your search tabs into different groups and save them with other names. You also get a redesigned sidebar on your Safari homepage where you can easily manage your Bookmarks, Tab Groups, Shared with You folder and Reading Lists.

  • Shortcuts

You can add your iPhone or iPad shortcuts to your Mac or create customized ones for your modern workplace technology. Also, shortcuts are available for desktop, Apple menu, Dock, Finder, Spotlight, and many more useful functions on your Mac.  

  • Notes

Quick Note is an excellent update for those who use the Notes app frequently. Because, with Quick Note, you can create a new note without opening the app. For example, you can write bullet points from a Safari link without going back and forth between the two apps.

How to Install? 

The installation of the macOS Monterey requires an internet connection. But, it takes up to 30 minutes to complete, after which the device restarts. Once you have checked the compatibility of your Apple desktop or laptop for macOS Monterey, you can install this upgrade using these simple steps:

  • Scroll down the Apple menu and go to System Preferences
  • Select Software Update
  • Click on the Install button after the system checks for an update
  • Your computer will start to download and install macOS Monterey

An Apple desktop and MacBook are essential parts of modern workplace technology. Therefore, always install the latest updates to keep them optimized and protected. Contact your managed services provider for help updating your workplace Mac with the latest operating system.


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