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Why multifunction printers are good for business

If you are upgrading or replacing your printer, it’s time to look at a multifunction printer (MFP) for your business.

MFPs combine a printer, scanner, copier and fax in one machine. In just one powerful package, MFPs can offer you the benefits of several individual devices. And what business would not want to take advantage of this effective and powerful option?

MFPs provide key benefits to your company in many ways:

1.      Reduce Costs

When it comes to power, MFPs can be a great money-saving choice. They only need one power cord per unit, which means that you will utilize less power. That, in turn, translates to more cost savings and a greener office overall. One machine also means less in repair costs.  In addition, businesses can lower capital expenditures and operating costs through scalable cloud services that allow IT staff to focus on other tasks to help move the business forward. A recent article looking at the role print will play in a post-pandemic workplace showed that 71% of print industry executives said they expected increased demand for cloud-based print management.

2.     Save Time

With an MFP, you can save your staff’s time for other, more productive tasks. First, there is the amount of time it takes to scan, print, fax, and copy documents from different machines.  Then there is the time spent learning, maintaining, troubleshooting and servicing them all. Now, consider the time savings offered by having all of those features in one device. Your employees will become more efficient as they are able to focus on their own tasks without distraction.

MFPs are inherently convenient in their features as well. If you need to scan something, you don’t have to run it through a scanner, and then to a PC, and then back to a printer. It’s all done on one machine.

3.     Smaller Footprint

Floor space is a precious commodity in most offices. Instead of having to allocate space for a copier, printer, fax machine, and scanner, you can have the same three or four key functions within one device that only takes one footprint. Though not something many companies consider, use of space can play a huge role in the presentation of the office.

On top of it all, your office can feel crowded and disorganized when you have too many devices sitting around.

Multifunction Printers Will Assist Your Business

If you’re using a single-function printer, you are simply wasting extra money, space, and time. We recommend partnering with a company that understands your business and will help you choose the best device for your organization.

Whether a company needs cloud printing services, leasing office equipment or Implementing a comprehensive managed services solution, Visual Edge Print and our teams of professionals will help develop an Integrated print management solution. Find a location near you to get started.