Multiple Benefits for Businesses Using Managed Print Services

A printer is one of the tools in the office that everyone needs, but is often disregarded  until it doesn’t work properly. Companies need to take inventory of the printers they have, examine the cost associated with each printer, and evaluate whether it would be better to outsource the management and maintenance of their multi-function printers and other office devices, such as scanners and copier fax machines.

Managed Print Services Explained

Managed Print Services (MPS) help businesses identify printing goals and streamline printer management to help reduce costs. Do you know how much it costs for a single page to print? Probably not. Only about 10 percent of companies track their print costs, even though printing is a significant expense for most companies. Some Managed Service Providers can help implement an MPS program that will assess organizational needs, determine the best type and the optimum number of printers to help increase efficiency, control costs, improve productivity and security, as well as  reduce paper waste.  

MPS Benefits for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Improve Productivity, Time & Efficiency | A Managed Print Services Program means that the equipment will experience less downtime and employees will no longer have the burden of replacing toner and ink cartridges or investigating/fixing malfunctioning machines. An MPS provider should identify issues during maintenance inspections, resolve them and keep equipment running at peak efficiency. As a result, employees will be able to redirect their focus towards their  primary responsibility — improving productivity.

Control Costs | As anyone in business knows, it’s hard to improve anything when you don’t really have a starting point or a baseline. So, it’s essential to understand the cost of printing; otherwise, how can you improve it? A print management program will give you visibility into overall print costs,help control costs by reducing the number of print devices while also providing supplies and services for a monthly rate. 

Reduce Capital Expenditures | Instead of buying printers, it’s often more cost-effective for  businesses to lease printers. Leasing printers eliminates additional expenses and allows for more flexibility as businesses shift and and grow. Additionally, switching to a leasing program will enable companies to upgrade older printers without incurring a lot of added expense.

Minimize Environmental Footprint |  Many companies hold themselves accountable to both social and environmental responsibilities as part of their corporate values. MPS allows organizations to include more eco-friendly and socially impactful programs within their overall operations plan or as independent programs. Businesses can identify and track printing usage with their MPS program ,optimize paper, ink, toner, and electricity consumption and retire outdated and older printers which use more power and aren’t as efficient as new printers.

Improve Monitoring | A key benefit of a MPS program is the ability to gather data and monitor printer use. Printer use can be tracked on a per-user basis and can help log productivity. With reliable printer and usage data, companies can make more informed operational decisions around print costs.

Improve Security |  Printers are often an overlooked entry point for cyber crime, but with a MPS program, printers are protected with regular updates, proper security setting configurations, and secure workflows. Companies can also add additional levels of security by encrypting device data and using permissions to ensure employees only have access to  documents they are authorized to view.