Preventing Cyber Attacks with AI and Machine Learning

Most companies are highly dependent on technology, and as companies begin to focus more attention on data, their dependency on technology will continue to expand. Unfortunately, with that expansion there also comes risks. The number of cyber attacks will continue to increase and at some point, every business will be a target. Companies are beginning to be proactive in their defense of attacks. Businesses are beginning to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to aid in cyber security and help defend against cyber attacks. 

What is a Cyber Attack? 

A cyber attack is modern-day warfare where software technology hackers find loopholes in organizations’ systems and break in to steal data, extort money, or cause disruption with the supply chain or business operations. Cyber criminals are looking for data that contains social security numbers, bank details, or passwords in order to gain access to corporate networks. Large organizations and Managed Security Services Providers are taking new measures to defend and protect themselves against cyber attacks. 

The Magnitude of Cyber Attacks

A recent report published by Sonicwall identifies the magnitude of cyber threats and attacks for the first half of 2021. 

  • 2.5 billion malware attacks
  • 2.5 trillion intrusion attempts
  • 51.1 million crypto-hacking attacks
  • 2.1 million encrypted threats
  • 32.2 million IoT attacks
  • 304.7 million ransomware attacks 

Creating a defense against these number of attacks requires technology that can respond quickly. A.I., combined with machine learning, fits the requirements needed to build quick and solid protection against cyber attacks. A Tulane University blog post dove into this approach in greater detail, explaining how A.I. can quickly apply deep learning to security processes to better identify and minimize threats.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is vital for cyber security because it can recognize what is and isn’t a threat, saving time and money. A.I. focuses on data clustering, classification, processing, filtering, and management so using it to improve an organization’s cyber security makes sense. 

Machine Learning

A.I. can’t operate alone. It needs machine learning technology to analyze the data to establish a baseline for decisions. When A.I. joins forces with machine learning, it has the power to identify threats by using advanced algorithms that recognize patterns of behavior for users, data, devices, systems, and the network to distinguish variances from what’s expected.

Working Together to Improve Cyber Security

By connecting machine learning and artificial intelligence to protect against cyber attacks, organizations will be able to:  

Forecast future attacks. When combined with machine learning and deep learning, artificial intelligence uses its ability to learn to improve the network’s security over time. As A.I. learns to associate traits with specific threats and attacks, new threats with similar characteristics are automatically blocked when they enter the network. 

Audit data protection techniques. Authorized users are protected by checking that restrictions are working effectively.

Optimize and reduce costs. Automated mechanisms can be established to keep data secure without using many resources.

Detect unknown threats. Artificial intelligence can detect most cyber threats and identify when new ones arise using innovative tactics.

Scan massive amounts of data. Security personnel can’t check the enormous amount of data that comes through. A.I. can quickly detect threats that appear to be normal activity by skimming through data and traffic blocks.

Implementing new techniques for cyber security is vital if organizations want to stay amply protected from future threats and attacks. With the increasing amount of data shared through company networks, cyber criminals will only continue to find more creative ways to attack organizations. But the good news is, artificial intelligence and machine learning make cyber security more effective and help ensure that an organization’s system remains protected.

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